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  • Erat, Pablo
    thank you margaret, i believe that this example demonstrates what we all are experiencing when discussing about knowledge management with professionals. there
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 15, 2001
      thank you margaret,

      i believe that this example demonstrates what we all are experiencing when
      discussing about knowledge management with professionals. there is indeed a
      great confusion around the concept or philosophy of knowledge management.
      even today, many people believe knowledge management to be all about
      technology. please allow me to shortly present some intitial thoughts around
      this issue. i believe that technology is crusial to knowledge managment

      1. technology only works if people are really motivated to use it in the
      right way. knowledge management is thus also related to people development
      and change management
      2. technology can only efficiently support processes of capturing and
      transferring explicit knowledge. technology usually fails, as a stand-alone,
      in enabling tacit knowledge sharing and knowledge creation (this is crucial
      taking into consideration that most of our knowledge is tacit!)
      3. technology can be copied by competitors, wherefore it is hardly a source
      of suistainable competitive advantage. nevertheless, technology can help to
      develop a competitive advantage if it is embedded into a broader knowledge
      management concept and over the time leads to collective organizational

      one reason for the confusion might be found in the wording "knowledge
      management". the word "management" sounds very technocratic and fits with
      the belief that knowledge management is mainly about technology. personally,
      i believe that we can manage information but not knowledge. knowledge is
      internalized information which enables us to act. therefore it can not be
      managed but the knowledge development process can be enabled.

      as i see it, knowledge management consists of initiatives that focus on
      knowledge as the primary resource of the organization and attempt to enable
      knowledge processes (i.e. locating, capturing, sharing, and creating). The
      core of these intitiatives is in building and developing relationships
      between people. This can be done by bringing people together to share their
      knowledge and by providing technology that helps people to interact. In this
      sense, technology is seen as one enabler out of many but it is normally not
      the core of knowledge managment.

      best regards

      Pablo Erat
      nameit AG
      the knowledge catalyst company
      mobile: +41 79 469 41 90
      email: pablo.erat@...

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      Thanks Margaret,

      You and anyone else in com-prac may reproduce it with pleasure.

      Regards... Steve

      At 10:53 PM 10/10/01 +0000, margmci@... wrote:
      >I particularly liked your notes on the shift in thinking at the recent
      >KM conference you attended. If you don't mind, I'd like to share the
      >insights with a client of mine who is just getting started on KM, OL
      >and CoPs.
      >Perhaps more of us could post notes from conferences we've attended
      >lately to share the insights we've gained.
      >Thanks for sharing.

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