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8766Re: [cp] 3 webinars on Landscapes of Practice and Systems Convening

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  • Lotte Krisper-Ullyett
    Apr 21, 2014
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    Hi John,
    i am back - after 10 days mostly offline!
    I registered for the webinar.
    I suggest to postpone our coaching session - so it doesn´t interfere with your webinar.
    I suggest Thursday, when the series of webinars is over.
    Let me know if this is OK for you.


    Am 2014-04-17 20:02, schrieb John David Smith:



    Hi com-prac pals,


    You are invited to participate in this (free) event…


    3 webinars on Landscapes of Practice and Systems Convening



    Getting better at engaging different stakeholders, agencies, geographies, and people in other silos for learning projects and conversations is an increasing challenge for many of us. Uniting those with interest in a common learning agenda requires a new kind of leadership, which we are calling systems convening. Who are these systems conveners and what are the challenges they face? Have you experienced similar challenges or successes?

    Join us on April 21-23, 2014 for a series of three webinars featuring some early work on systems convening. We hope to share our experience and hear from others whose work could be seen as that of systems convening.


    The webinars are being hosted by John Smith and Barb McDonald of CPsquare: The Community of Practice on Communities of Practice. In addition to the members of CPsquare, each of the presenters will invite people from their networks who can add to the conversation.

    We will gather in CPsquare’s Web Crossing space and on Adobe Connect for each webinar. Readings are available in CPsquare or on the KM4Dev wiki.  Additional details are provided when you register.

    • Monday April 21, 2014 – 3:00 pm Eastern Time; Noon Pacific Time; 8 pm London - During the first webinar, Etienne and Bev Wenger-Trayner will introduce their theoretical framework of learning in a landscape of practice. They will talk about the discipline of systems convening – a new leadership for the 21st century – and explore the challenges systems convers face as they forge partnerships to open new avenues for learning, ultimately reconfiguring the landscape as they find solutions to complex problems. They will share their experience and hope to hear from others whose work could be seen as that of systems convening.
    • Tuesday April 22, 2014 – 3:00 pm Eastern Time; Noon Pacific Time; 8 pm London - The second webinar will focus on the story of the Habiforum Project. Marc Coenders will recount how the used a systems convener approach to reinvent spatial planning in the Netherlands. He will describe how Habiforum has convened stakeholders from different fields in ways that engage them in a broader and more involved process of land use development. He will highlight some of the convening practices that contributed to its success.
    • Wednesday April 23, 2014 – 3:00 pm Eastern Time; Noon Pacific Time; 8 pm London - The third webinar will feature the IDEA Partnership Project, which has spent the past 15 years convening learning partnerships to solve persistent problems in education. The IDEA Partnership engages families, practitioners, administrators and policymakers across levels of scale (i.e., national, state, local) create lasting change in the physical, academic, and social lives of students. Joanne Cashman, Mariola Rosser, and Patrice Linehan will share their challenges and successes over the years.

    Additional details about participation are provided when you complete the short registration form.




    * John David Smith ~ Voice: 503.963.8229 ~ Skype & Twitter: smithjd http://gplus.to/smithjd

    * Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.learningAlliances.net

    * Society does contain profundity and sacredness." -- Chögyam Trungpa, Rinpoche



    Gestaltung von Kommunikation nach dem Communities-of-Practice-Ansatz mob 0680 2103128 www http://lotte.krisper.com twitter @lottek_u post Reisnerstraße 6/13, 1030 Wien
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