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8742Re: A request to complete a survey on online communities of practice

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  • jbgreercorp
    Dec 11 10:59 PM
      This is just a quick reminder that I am still collecting data for my survey. My goal is to get 1,000 responses.

      Please feel free to forward the link below to any additional online communities of practice that you think would be interested in the information.


      Also, the eBook is currently listed on Smashwords. When you complete the survey, if you prefer to email me directly, I can send you a PDF version of the book.

      Thanks again for your help with my research,

      Gregg Greer


      The survey has been well-received in the various communities where it's been posted. Here are excerpts from some of the comments I've received.

      It is interesting to discover my relation to [my community of practice], I never gave it a thought.

      ...Because of this survey, I realize how lucky I am to be part of this COP.

      I enjoyed participating in the survey. Communities of practice appear to have a growing influence in the lives of professionals; often providing key information for strategic or tactical work related issues. As for the survey, the questions were simple and easy to understand. There was a balance to the layout and the number of questions, making the length of the survey appropriate.

      I'm very interested in this topic and would value reviewing your results. To your success!

      I'm very interested in this survey as I'm trying to establish an online community of practice at my workplace and struggling with low active participation rates and especially poor helping and supporting behaviour within the community.

      This survey helped me know and see clearly what this online community means to me !!

      Very nice survey, I will encourage our members to participate

      Very Thought Provoking. Had not considered on community in the light of some of these questions.

      Interesting questions.. made me think a lot as in how much this community actually has become a part of my day to day life.

      ...The effort of the research is encourageable and it has its own value and merits. Thanks, personally for this good initiation. Good luck.

      A good survey. It actually made me realise what I really feel about this particular Community I have been part of 5 years now.

      I think it is a comprehensive survey. I do look forward to reading the results. Good luck!

      Gregg Greer
      Assistant Professor
      Information Systems Management/Information Systems Technology
      Department of Business Administration
      Lubbock Christian University

      --- In com-prac@yahoogroups.com, "John David Smith" <john.smith@...> wrote:
      > Greg Greer asked me to post this on his behalf:
      > ----------------------------------------------
      > Gregg Greer, a doctoral candidate in the field of Information Systems at
      > Dakota State University, is conducting a research study entitled "The
      > Influence of Community Commitment on Knowledge Management in Online
      > Communities of Practice".
      > We invite you to participate in this online survey as a member of an online
      > community of practice. Online communities of practice are formed when a
      > group of people communicate and exchange ideas on the Web about a specific
      > topic of interest.
      > We realize that your time is valuable and have attempted to keep the
      > requested information as brief and concise as possible. It will take you
      > approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey.
      > Responses are strictly confidential. When the data and analysis are
      > presented, respondents will not be linked to the data by name, title or any
      > other identifying item. The results of the study will be shared with the
      > participating communities when the research is complete.
      > The researcher has written an e-book that summarizes his current research on
      > online communities of practice. As a reward for completing the survey, you
      > can access and download this e-book.
      > Please fill out the survey at the link below.
      > https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9R5F3QC
      > Thank you very much for your time and assistance.
      > If you have additional questions, feel free to contact:
      > Gregg Greer
      > Assistant Professor
      > Information Systems Management/Information Systems Technology
      > Department of Business Administration
      > Lubbock Christian University
      > jbgreercorp@...
      > jggreer@...
      > Gregg.Greer@...
      > ----------------------------------------------
      > John
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      > http://gplus.to/smithjd
      > * Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.learningAlliances.net
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