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8635RE: [cp] Job opportunity as evaluation consultant to our CoPs

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  • Steinvorth, Christel B.
    Feb 3, 2011

    Here are the Terms of Reference.  If you are interested, you can contact me directly at christels@...


    Thank you!



    Communities of Practice Support



    I.                   Background


    Communities of Practices (CoPs) with the best chances of being relevant to their members usually emerge from the members’ initiative, but often require subject matter, facilitation and/or knowledge management support to thrive and develop effectively. It has been observed that new approaches to the work with Communities had emerged with the goal of tailoring different responses to channel and respond to a wider range of client needs.  The Knowledge Management Division (KNM) has designed five different approaches attending thematic, functional and organizational needs.  A new side has emerged from the perspective of attending a different type of potential groups, using the availability of an already systematized body of knowledge and the opportunity to interact with it and related experts, as the driver for generating critical target groups that can be identified as communities. This new approach to establishing communities is based in the supply side of the chain for disseminating and creating knowledge. 


    In addition, there is a need to measure and evaluate the work carried out supporting the development of Communities since April 2009.  A new framework for monitoring and evaluating Communities has been designed, and its implementation will require the gathering and analysis of extra data for better describing the clients of KNM’s Communities and its members, together with success stories that help promote work with CoPs.


    Fine-tuning the conceptual framework for the new approach, piloting its implementation to test this new knowledge product, working with our communities for an evaluation and disseminating CoP´s work  will surpass KNM’s current human resources.  Thus KNL/KNM seeks to engage the services of a knowledge management consultant with experience in Communities of Practice. 


    II.                Objective


    Contribute to promote horizontal knowledge exchange and enhance capacity to work collaboratively, across sectors and geographic areas, among Bank staff and country strategic stakeholders, by providing services to support the organization, maintenance and evaluation of Communities of Practice (CoPs), a knowledge product of KNL/KNM.


    III.             Main activities and tasks


    • Support the Connect team for the fine-tuning of the new approach for Communities of Practice.
    • Prepare and deliver weekly reports reflecting the status of CoPs, including qualitative and quantitative data to measure CoP´s activity and progress towards impact goals.  These will be obtained by analyzing the daily/weekly activities of CoPs, talking regularly with the core group of each CoP and carrying out periodic level one surveys.
    • Present proposals and work on efforts to disseminate success stories and evaluation results in support furthering the effective application of CoPs to IDB´s work.
    • Support initiatives associated with the regular maintenance, assessment and fine tuning of BIDComunidades to increase alignment and relevancy of virtual platform functionalities to users knowledge management needs.



    IV.              Deliverables


    1. Weekly reports reflecting the status of CoPs, including qualitative and quantitative data to measure activity of CoP and progress toward impact goals.
    2. Dissemination products reflecting Bank topics supported by CoPs, description of impact attained through CoP´s activities and lessons learned from CoPs supported by KNM.
    3. Timely adjustments and improvements to CoP´s virtual platform, Bidcomunidades, as a result of systematic assessment of how the platform supports knowledge sharing, documentation and dissemination.


    V.                 Qualifications of the Consultant


    • Undergraduate or graduate degree in a discipline relevant to IDB’s work in the region with at least 5 years of experience.
    • Excellent research, communication and interpersonal skills.
    • Experience in using web 2.0 tools.
    • Fluent in English and one other official IDB language, preferably Spanish.
    • Familiar with diversity and value of learning styles and cultures.
    • Experience with group dynamics and processes, with understanding of how process design can support achievement of goals, desirable.


    VI.              Characteristics of the consultancy


    1. Type of consultancy: Individual, international
    2. Date and duration: TBD
    3. Place of work: Washington, D.C.
    4. Supervisor:  Christel Steinvorth, KNL/KNM





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    Dear Colleagues,

    Attached are Terms of Reference for working with us (Inter-American Development Bank) to facilitate and, most importantly, evaluate and disseminate results of our work with CoPs.

    If you are interested, or know of someone who is, please send me your CV by no later than February 11, 2011. Selected candidates will be contacted to coordinate an interview meeting.



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