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8111RE: [cp] Forums & KM: What CoP's Should Do to Manage Discussion-Produced Knowledge

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  • John D. Smith
    Jan 31, 2009
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      Great contribution, Steve!

      (Here's a tiny URL that's un-folded: http://tinyurl.com/cv4np5 )

      Highlights (from the India example) to my eye:

      * the original (very compelling) question
      * thanks to ALL the contributors
      * Overall summary
      * Detailed recommendations (from experience of responses)
      * Further resources
      * Professional contacts
      * Creative Commons License at the bottom!
      * The india example is NINETEEN PAGES!

      Very rich example.

      I took a shot at tagging it, which might be a case of the "poor man's
      summary": http://delicious.com/smithjd/summaries

      Any other comments about these examples, folks?

      * John D. Smith ~ Voice: 503.963.8229 ~ Skype: smithjd
      * Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.learningAlliances.net
      * "Your responsibility does not end with complaining. Suggest something
      better!" - Esther Dyson
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