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8106RE: [cp] Forums & KM: What CoP's Should Do to Manage Discussion-Produced Knowledge

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  • John D. Smith
    Jan 29, 2009
      All of the discussion about summarization so far assumes that a community
      almost exclusively lives on one platform. As Nancy aluded to, I think the
      reality is quite a bit more messy. Note the private emails between Eric
      Holder and Miguel Cornejo that were mentioend in this thread. We ourselves
      interact in LOTS of different locations.

      A key event is when a discussion moves from one platform to another -- you
      know it's real when the same damn problems (and some interesting alternate
      solutions) come up in a face-to-face discussion.

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      * Portland, Oregon, USA http://www.learningAlliances.net
      * “Your responsibility does not end with complaining. Suggest something
      better!” - Esther Dyson
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