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8101RE: [cp] Forums & KM: What CoP's Should Do to Manage Discussion-Produced Knowledge

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  • Steve Glovinsky
    Jan 28, 2009
      Hi Nancy,

      Steve Glovinsky here, with some elaboration/clarification on your reference
      to the United Nation's Solution Exchange (I set it up). First, Solution
      Exchange was very deliberately designed to capture experiential knowledge of
      members of Communities of Practice - we organize members in e-mail
      mailgroups around development topics - work & employment, governance, food &
      nutrition, maternal & child health etc., in support of the Millennium
      Developmen Goals. Our business model combines a CoP with a research
      service, anchored within a UN-sponsored space to give it the impartiality
      that ensures we have the widest range of member perspectives. Members come
      from government, NGOs, research institutes and academia, donors and private
      sector. Each Community - the ones in India are now up around 2-3,000
      members - has one full-time Community facilitator supported by a Research
      Associate. It works quite well as a new role for UN Agencies in the
      countries they work in. The idea of organizing CoPs and putting them to
      work helping each other out has been well received by development
      professionals, and so far we have expanded from India to Bhutan, Thailand
      and Indonesia (Aceh). The main product or our research service is the
      "Consolidated Reply" - a template that synthesizes discussion threads in the
      form of an executive brief and captures the experiences and references
      offered by participants. Our aim is to get all Solution Exchanges using the
      same template so that they can be indexed in a common repository (we are
      currently building) and shared across countries.

      Now, I know our facilitation teams are mostly women and not particularly
      well-paid, but I would not exactly call them "low income women"...


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      At 01:25 AM 1/28/2009, you wrote:
      >-- How do we make the leap from forums to preserving the good bits
      >of knowledge they produce?

      A community I belong to keeps trying to capture "community knowledge"
      distilled from conversations into our wiki. We struggle to find the
      time/energy to keep it up. It seems we go in cycles where we really
      are doing a great job, and the wiki then attracts new members, and
      other times when the energy to do this lags. (Http://www.km4dev.
      <Http://www.km4dev.org/wiki> org/wiki)
      UNDP has a very codified practice of harvesting from very structured
      community discussion lists - a practice they have trained low income
      women to do, by the way, to both save costs and to build
      microbusinesses around the practice, and this has proved to be very
      useful for them.
      <http://www.solution <http://www.solutionexchange-un.net.in/en/index.php>

      In the work I do in international development, the passing of
      stories/info learned on discussion lists into F2F settings seems very
      common - so common no one really notices or nutures it. It just
      happens. Some organizations are blogging to share out (see the ICT-KM
      program of the CGIAR
      <http://ictkm. <http://ictkm.wordpress.com/> wordpress.com/>http://ictkm.
      <http://ictkm.wordpress.com/> wordpress.com/ ) This sort
      of blending or, as John Smith likes to call it - straddling across
      technologies -- seems common.

      >-- Do we need better tools, practice/process or both, and if so,
      >-- What has worked for people on these boards?

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