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8096RE: [cp] The Death - by Execution - of a Community - FW: ANNOUNCEMENT: The closure of trdev

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  • John D. Smith
    Jan 27, 2009
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      There are a couple of examples of community collapse or end-of-life -- and I
      think they are worth looking at. A couple that I know of:

      * A few years ago, ACT-KM found itself closed because a member said he'd sue
      Yahoo! for defamation. It stimulated the community to reorganize, get their
      own platform and continue. I think Nancy White and others used contacts at
      Yahoo to get the archives restored. So the near-death experience was a

      * Christine Rizzuto and others at IBM looked at some 70 communities that had
      become inactive and published a paper somewhere. As I recall, the fate of
      the community followed the fate of its leader, who was reassigned, moved on,
      left the company or whatever.

      Although it sounds like the death of trdev is unfortunate, I think we need
      to be looking for examples that are "positive" in one way or another. Clay
      Shirky, for example, talks about how open source projects (which always have
      a CoP element) are successful as a whole because individual projects can
      fork or die so easily.

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      better!" - Esther Dyson
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