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8094Re: The End of TRDEV from a Community of Practice Perspective

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  • Donald Clark
    Jan 26, 2009
      Verne, to add on to my previous post, the choir sang "commons," but
      in the end acted out of their own self-interests. When the original
      owner got tired of running TRDEV, he passed the keys, because his
      espoused theory was the same as his theory-in-use. I find it
      Inimaginable that the present three owners could not find one person,
      out of over 4,000 members*, to pass the keys on to.

      Besides Hardin and Argysis' theories, I also wonder if Harvey's
      Abilene Paradox also played a part in burning down the house.

      *Down to seven members as of this post

      A great run for TRDEV, but a tragic ending,
      Donald Clark

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