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8093Re: The End of TRDEV from a Community of Practice Perspective

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  • Donald Clark
    Jan 25, 2009
      On Jan 25, 2009, at 9:26 AM, Verne Morland wrote:

      > I'm quite interested to learn what Com-Prac members think of this.
      > To my mind, the two key issues are: 1) who "owns" the group and 2)
      > who "owns" the archives.

      According to the owners a while back, TRDEV was a "commons," thus we
      should not act in our own self-interest or we could destroy the
      group. Yet their recent actions showed it was in fact no commons
      because they held the only keys to Fahrenheit 451 it.

      1. Whoever owns the "keys" to a CoP or commons owns the group (which
      means if only a select few hold the keys, then it cannot be
      considered a commons, although it may still be a CoP).

      2. Whoever owns the group owns the archives (because it is in fact
      not a commons -- it is only "leased" to the participants).

      Chris Argysis was correct in that we have an espoused theory (the way
      we think we act) and a theory-in-use (the way we really act).

      Donald Clark

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