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8088RE: [cp] The Death - by Execution - of a Community - FW: ANNOUNCEMENT: The closure of trdev

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  • Verne Morland
    Jan 25 10:24 AM
      Thank you, John. You're right - the final postings do constitute an
      interesting snapshot of the final days of TRDEV.

      Most posters are thanking the moderators and the other members who have
      shared their knowledge and expertise through their postings over the years.
      A few have expressed support for the moderators' decision to close the list.
      And a number of others have expressed emotions ranging from disappointment
      and resignation to anger and activism over the unilateral decision to close
      the group and delete the archives.

      Unfortunately, the exigencies of making a living do not permit me the luxury
      of collecting and studying the closing messages. Perhaps someone on the
      com-prac list who has research charter would like to take up this task.


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      ANNOUNCEMENT: The closure of trdev

      Sorry your posting was delayed, Verne. First time posts are always
      moderated no this list. Free to post thereafter.

      The message from the leaders does seem peculiar, especially deleting the

      I think that looking at end-of-life issues for a community is very
      important. Maybe you should gather all the "requiem", RIP messages into a
      case study for com-prac. I see several:

      http://finance. <http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/trdev/>

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