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8007Re:Learning in Groups - the Hole in the Wall Project

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  • Rachel T. Kaberon
    Sep 12, 2008
      I found the project of interest, particularly in light of the intial premise Sugata Mitra makes about remoteness.
      I was thinking of how this research applied to distant learners who are isolated and participating in a COP...one of the problems with engaging and maintainging COPs is by their nature the participants are not physically proximate. This research began with the problem of teachers that are working in remote locations feel isolated and ends with the idea of children who congregate to learn and it is in the congregation that the social and self-organizing forces emerge to acclerate the learning.

      As a committed beleiver in emperiential and immersive learning, I was intrigued by his observations of the children in the outer circle who were learning as much by watching and engaging with the inner circle as those who were holding the controls.
      his conclusion that learning is a self-organizing system is a far more unifying description of Gardner and others work on multiple ways of knowing or intelligences. The challenge will be to expose more people to the fundamental values that when acquired allow them to develop and become self-sustaining.
      thanks for sharing!

      Rachel Kaberon

      Rachel Kaberon
      Arkay Solutions
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