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  • joitske
    Jun 4, 2007
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      I'm co-authoring an article about our experiences with CoP-theory
      informed facilitation of a learning network as facilitator-
      practitioners. I'm inserting the abstract here, but was wondering if
      anyone could recommend appropriate journals for such an article
      (besides sharing it with com-prac ofcourse :):

      In the fall of 2005, an event was organized for individuals from
      development organisations in the Netherlands to learn about new tools
      for collaboration at a distance, which grew into a learning community
      about e-collaboration in a development context. The two authors used
      a community of practice-theory informed way of facilitating in this
      community as facilitator-practitioners. The community grew from 20 to
      over 80 members, whereas its public community space expanded from an
      online discussion group to encompass face-to-face meetings, research
      and a weblog. The private spaces are an equally important part of the
      collaborative learning landscape and consist of joint projects,
      following the same trainings, as well as have informal meetings. Some
      of the dilemmas encountered were: how to stimulate growth en ensure
      new people can join and keeping the necessary levels of trust and
      intimacy necessary for sharing experiences which go beyond the
      success stories; whether or not to open up to people from the south;
      managing the relationship with other overlapping communities; how to
      move the conversation beyond tools to introduction of technologies?
      As facilitators working from a community of practice perspective they
      conclude with some lessons what they see as the crucial ingredient
      for success: making sure you start with a group of people who are
      passionate enough about the domain to continue learning together as
      well as some lessons about facilitator interventions like balancing
      patience to see what emerges through self-organisation with taking
      initiatives and leading conversations in a certain direction or the
      importance of creating in-bound trajectories of participation by
      newcomers. They provide a list of signals for facilitators for each
      stage of community growth as well as possible intervention, as well
      as conclusion about learning in a community and skiled facilitator's

      Thanks in advance!

      Joitske Hulsebosch
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