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6810Using Most Significant Change to assess a community

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  • Shawn Callahan
    Sep 3, 2006
      I'm a little surprised by this but I think this might be my first post
      to com-prac. My name is Shawn Callahan and I have been involved in
      communities of practice for about 10 years as a facilitator (help
      act-km get started), researcher and consultant. I've recently become
      interested in a story-based approach to evaluating projects called
      Most Significant Change and after hearing the National Institute of
      Clincal Studies in Melbourne are using MSC to evaluate their
      communities, I was wondering whether anyone else was using the technique.

      I just created a blog where I will be posting about MSC
      (http://zahmoo.com/blog) and there are some links from the blog to
      some useful online resources. This blogging effort is associated with
      an online service we are creating to support MSC.

      So, would love to hear if you are using MSC with your communities of


      Shawn Callahan
      Anecdote Pty Ltd
      +61 3 83000747
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