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  • Richard Brehler
    May 1 6:02 AM
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      ...tracking the conversation about faking it and the turn to jazz
      resonated with me (in and out of bands for 30+ years - blues to
      wedding to jazz fusion to big band to dixieland, using fake books
      all the while).

      Then got the daily digest from Training Ideas listserv
      yguid=87641327), and there was this link (!):


      Which triggered memories of being influenced by Albert Lord's Singer
      of Tales (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0674808819/104-0091885-
      3974369?v=glance&n=283155) in coming to an understanding of how
      human beings were/are able to capture and transmit huge amounts of
      information over time in purely oral cultures. Happened to read
      this at the same time a professor of language history said something
      along the lines of "language is a tool that allows us to endlessly
      and continuously improvise original thought and never say things the
      same way twice," and I started playing bass for the first time...

      All of which, BTW became context for my first reading Situated

      Aside - Rosanna: I owe you a response to your challenge re: "In my
      practice, I deal with no formal CoPs, but CoPs are all around me."
      Got the notes and outline done, but the writing will take some time -
      might be enough for a book (oof!). Talk about triggering insight
      and growth! Thanks....
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