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5690Re: [cp] CoPs and KM in Thailand

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  • David Mould
    Nov 2, 2005
      Hi Nick,

      I am living and working in Thailand and have started some CoP's as part of a regional initiative (including Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Sri Lanka and Australia)

      There are 3 main areas that will determine the success of a CoP here.

      1. Thai values around self and friends means that it is important to save face. Thai's will not easily contribute in an open discussion where they, or by them speaking, their friend/colleague might lose face.
      2. Thailand is already a social netowrk, there is always someone who knows someone who knows the answer. This system is pretty efficient and so s CoP has to offer a real alternative to this natural QandA system.
      3. Will your CoP be in English or Thai. English levels are varied, although on the plus side Thai's are happier to write in English than speak it.

      With all this said I am now starting to see the Thai's use the CoP's a lot more. There now represent the largest group of contributors. I think that this is mostly because I am encourage them to do so and pay careful attention as a moderator so that when that have made the effort they feel rewarded and supported to continue.

      If yur CoP is regional, like mine have to be due to the virtual organization I work in, then the problems 1 to 3 have more impact as there is the multi-national aspect as well.

      Good luck!

      Let me know how you get on.

      David Mould
      Convergys (Thailand)

      Nick_Milton <nick.milton@...> wrote:
      Do any of you have any experience of working with CoPs, or with KM in
      general, in Thailand? If so, can you give me any pointers as to how
      the Thai culture aligns with CoPs and KM, compared to the US/European

      Thanks in advance

      Nick Milton

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