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5552Knowledge Facilitation :: SF/Silicon Valley

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  • J Maloney (jheuristic)
    Sep 2, 2005

      Knowledge Facilitation : Advancing Performance, Value and Effectiveness
      Using Knowledge-Centered Principles

      The SF/Silicon Valley Cluster Sponsors have identified mastery of knowledge
      facilitation as a critical Next Practice for the knowledge economy. They
      will colonize their theme for your community on Sept 27, 2005 in San
      Francisco, California USA. Open, secure registration in progress. All are
      welcome. Registration in advance is required.


      Legendary McKinsey strategist, author and Internet guru John Hagel will lead
      the keynote conversations. Hagel and John Seely Brown's new book is "The
      Only Sustainable Edge." These two respected authors have many worldwide
      cases that elaborate how KM and communities 'can make life better' in all
      manner of circumstances and business settings.


      Knowledge Facilitation is a deep dive of effective organizational design for
      KM. Today, far too much emphasis is placed on tools, processes and
      techniques for KM. Effective organizational, network and community
      structures have a far greater impact than these pedestrian methods.

      Why are people preoccupied with fancy procedures and expensive tools that
      forsake crafting more effective communities and social networks to optimize
      knowledge ecologies, improving fluid conversations and expanded knowledge

      Why does the new centralized portal and extravagant, failure-prone IT
      initiatives get millions in investments each year while distributed
      communities-of-practice fight for survival?

      See: http://kmblogs.com/public/item/95885

      For knowledge facilitation, key roles are emerging such as knowledge
      brokers, journalists, connectors and above all, knowledge leaders.

      Registration for these open conversations is in progress. All are welcome.

      Secure registration: https://www.kmcluster.com/sfo/Reg_SFO_Fall05.htm

      As usual, your low-cost tuition and registration includes all meals,
      materials and refreshments. In addition, copies of "The Only Sustainable
      Edge" and "Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships" will be
      provided. Registration in advance required. Your community event will reach
      capacity quickly. You are encouraged to register early. Note: all resources
      are use to sustain your Cluster action/research networks and propel your
      leadership community.

      For USA folks, please have a safe and pleasant Labor Day Holiday, all others
      have a great weekend!

      Most cordially,


      John Maloney

      IM/Skype: jheuristic
      ID: http://public.2idi.com/=john.maloney

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