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5355RE: [cp] CoP Facilitator Training

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  • John D. Smith
    Jul 1, 2005
      Now that we've all raised our hands for a bit of work, I wonder about the
      following question:

      *==> What do you think about the IDEA of a one day training session for
      communities of practice facilitators presented by an outside consultant?

      I was on a phone call yesterday and on the subject of how easy it is to
      loose people's trust and how it takes a while to gain it, Shawn Callahan
      (who's more active in ACT-KM than here, I think) said something like, "The
      main thing community of practice leaders need is people's trust." It makes
      me want to ask, Meno-like, "Exactly how can community of practice
      facilitators be taught?"

      * John D. Smith - John.Smith@... V: 503.963.8229
      * "Tell me, O Socrates, is virtue teachable?" -- Meno in The Meno, one of
      Plato's Dialogues
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      I am looking for an outside consultant to provide a one day training
      session for Communities of Practice facilitators. I would be most
      appreciative if anyone could let me know of any companies that provide
      such services in the DC area. Thank you.

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