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  • Maria Jordano
    Jul 1, 2003
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      Hi Bronwyn,
      Thanks for you quickly reply... (This is really a very efficient group). Ok, I'll give it.
      Here in Spain, we are obliged to attend a two year Phd course before writing our thesis. after that (nothing to do with my topic... by the way), we have to write a mini-reseach paper in order to be defended at the end to get some kind of certificate telling that you are prepare to go on with your thesis...
      I did that paper based on the creation of a community formed by students of English and Spanish students as EFL in order to get motivation and a more natural environment to develop both languages at the same time It helped to teachers and students to be more literate on ITC. (This is just a brief summary...)
      It liked it a lot, eventhough here the word "community" was somekind of alien... more even in a Department of literature and language, were most of the members are almos technofobics....
      What I would like to do know is doing the same but applied to ESP (for Tourism). I have already writen the project,  and I have to present it now, but each time it passes I feel like I would change something... Knowledge in communities advances quicker than light.... and sometimes I feel like it will became obsolate the day I will have to defend it...
      By the way, does anybody know a free tool on the web to create a corpues of words, in order to be created collaboratelly?
      Kinf regards,

      Mar�a Jordano de la Torre
      Avda. Men�ndez Pidal, s/n

      14071 C�rdoba, Spain/ Tfno. +34 957 212 130

      TI Office 1915 TI2 Office MariaJ_Ofc -  www.mariajordano.com

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