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  • Jim Muri
    It rained today. Gonna rain all week. Yesterday. The day before. The day before. Bailed out my dinghy today. It was full of rainwater, the gunn ls awash.
    Message 1 of 57 , Nov 5, 2005
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      It rained today. Gonna rain all week.

      Yesterday. The day before. The day before.

      Bailed out my dinghy today. It was full of rainwater, the gunn'ls awash. I figure it took a foot of rain to do that.

      Small stuff, compared to what's happened down on the gulf coast. But wet, nonetheless.

      Made working on the boat a bit damp. Hooked up the TV. Refilled the water. Recharged the propane. Checked the batteries. Didn't sail. First weekend w/out sailing since - golly, a long time.

      The Puget Sound region is noted for rain. We tell everyone that it only rains a little every day. So I guess I oughtn't complain. But the last couple months have spoiled me, it seems.

      Boat comes out of the water next weekend for a bottom job and prop servicing. No sailing for a few days then, either.

      Color me blue and damp. I can't wait for the winter races to start!

      Jim Muri
      Col 9.6 #148 Outatime
      Pugetopolis, USA

      James R. Muri
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    • John Dodd
      oh well when southern calif falls off into the ocean they won t have to worry about drinking water .. jd ... -- My new favorite quote The last thing you want
      Message 57 of 57 , Apr 8, 2014
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        oh well when southern calif falls off into the ocean they won't have to worry about drinking water ..

        On Mon, Apr 7, 2014 at 7:22 PM, Jesse Doyle <jess81452@...> wrote:

        The people in southern California need to be worried. They get a lot of
        their water from the delta here and their going to be sending less and less
        water because the salt water is going too far up the rivers now. Better
        start getting some rain soon or there's going to be a lot of thirsty people.
        They were going to build a lot of desalination plants but the eco freaks
        said that it would put too much salt back in one area. They fail to see just
        how good the plants are working in Australia. Where the discharge is there
        is massive growth. Don't know where their brains went but they had better
        stop halting progress or they will suffer the same as the rest of the
        people. Eco freak=idiot.
        Just my two cents for what their worth.
        Jesse Doyle
        Redwood City, Ca.
        s/v Wind Singer
        1970 28' Columbia #547

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        Everyone loves southern California. Why? Well for one thing; it seldom
        rains so there are lots of nice pleasant sunny days. So people flock there.
        But none of them ever bring any water with them and they never seem to like
        the idea of giving up drinking it. Luckily J. G. Boswell has been saving it
        up for them. Even luckier is that it's TV Land there so I'm sure it will be
        When The Price Is Right combined with Let's Make A Deal.


        On Apr 7, 2014, at 2:27 PM, Kbjmjrb@... wrote:

        I've actually heard the term "rain". The locals call it La Fabula d'Lluvia.
        It's pretty much considered a myth. I think the History Channel disproved
        it. My wife, who grew up in Oregon, swears that she actually saw it, but
        then she claims pine trees grow over 20 feet tall too, so I can't put much
        credence on her tall tails.

        Bruce K
        Challenger # 74, "Ouroboros"
        Los Lunas, NM

        > Many parts of the country get more rain than we do up here in Pugetopolis.
        I lived in eastern Kansas (Leavenworth area) for a few years, and they get
        more rain. Ditto Dallas. Tornado Alley could as easily be called Thunder
        Road. It all comes down in big gully-washers there; up here it just mists
        heavily with occasional actual raindrops for hours, days, weeks . . . too
        wet to work outside, not wet enough to be called a 'storm.' You should see
        my old Saturn, which I leave outside in the driveway. The north side of the
        car is dirty greenish-brown with moss, the south side is clean.
        > But right now there is bright sun outside! Time to get out the Clorox and
        my scraping tools and attack the mildew and moss!
        > One good thing about getting older is that one is less and less likely to
        suffer a broken tooth.
        > James R. Muri
        > Novelist, Sailor
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