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CYOA - Re: Oh this is just plain psycho...

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  • jean somerhausen
    No ! It s electronic robberry, which is much worse... john
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 30, 2000
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      No ! It's electronic robberry, which is much worse...

      Aaron D. Nelson wrote:
      > I just contacted Signet about my directional sender... they said a new
      > sender (a POTENTIOMETER!!!!!!) would be $215 Washingtons! Heck with
      > that, so I called Spectrol- they quoted me $129, but with a minimum
      > order of 5!!! what the heck is this??? it's a stupid wirewound
      > potentiometer, and it's not even that precise! Hah! but i cracked the
      > case on the pot, and discovered the culprit- the wiper had severed the
      > wire (which is about 128 guage by my reckoning) One of the guys here
      > soldered the sucker back together,and now! I have my wind guage back!!!!
      > $215 for a resistive coil... that's highway robbery
      > ADN
      > Sailing the boat up tomorrow night to its new home !!! yay!!!
      > C34 "Orion" Anchorage Marina (by tomorrow night)
      > oh- btw my stuffing box blues are starting to subside... it no longer
      > leaks like a waterfall at least... thanks for the help guys!
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