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Re: CYOA - Brett--Defender answers

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  • sgaber
    Mike: Brett has helped me so much that I will take him out for a sail and will also supply the beer and sandwiches. Steve Gaber C-31 Sanderling, #77 Oldsmar,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2001
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      Brett has helped me so much that I will take him out for a sail and will also supply the beer and sandwiches.
      Steve Gaber
      C-31 Sanderling, #77
      Oldsmar, FL
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      Date: Saturday, March 31, 2001 9:36 PM
      Subject: CYOA - Brett--Defender answers

      I'm glad you enjoyed the journal and movie...long as it is! <g>
      Mexico is a great cruising ground, altho' the bureaucracy can be a
      drag at times---just recently they instituted yet more crap, a $15
      fee for checking in and out of every port, in addition to all the
      other paperwork and fees. But things tend to come and go down there.
      Eventually they figger out they're killing the Golden Goose, and they
      back off. One pundit said "why aren't they charging all the
      motorhomes and RV's for driving thru every town, or parking

      Thanks for the compliments on the boat. The interior is very much re-
      designed. Everything on the port side is new, including the table,
      dinette seats and penninsula with the sink (water storage under that
      and the dinetted seat.) I had a different arrangement when I bought
      it, essentially one long 13-foot continuous berth, as the quarter
      berth ran right into a long bench seat that ran along the hull. The
      table was six feet long and narrow, and dropped to form a double. The
      new dinette does not convert---I don't like convertible dinettes,
      always lose them. I'm rather proud of that table, BTW. It has seven
      different woods making up the top and the inlaid shield.

      I abandoned the water tank under the V-berth, and turned it into a
      chain locker...windlass on the deck above feeds directly into it, by
      lifting the cushion out of the way. What you thought of as a shelf
      might be the access hole and step I added to that part of the V-berth-
      --makes stepping up thru the forehatch easier. Also, I nade new
      hatches, the foredeck one is arched to give headroom under it, the
      main one arched just for aesthetics and strength.

      Yes, the wind vane was wonderful. It worked as well or better than
      any commercial unit I've had experience with. And to think it cost me
      $5---that for the book with the plans! <g> Stephen would love that!

      Hawaii was great, a beautiful place. Not so hot for sailing around
      the Big Island end, but what scenery and climate. I'd like to move
      there at some point.

      I think it's great you helping Steve---I would have loved to help
      more had I been a bit closer. Maybe he'll even take you out for a
      sail if you buy the beer and sandwiches.

      Fair winds, Mike

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