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Re: CYOA - Off on a tangent

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    Geoff, I m in Kemah TX at the moment. I live near Austin, TX going home form the boat today. We sailed yesterday on Galveston Bay. Nice day with good
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      I'm in Kemah TX at the moment.  I live near Austin, TX  going home form the boat today.  We sailed yesterday on Galveston Bay.  Nice day with good wind..  15 to 20 kts. all day.  60 to 65 degrees out there.  It was really good to get out.  Who needs porn when you got a great boat to sail on.!  I sail with Bill Caz on his Passport 40'.  Awesome boat.  We took out Huff - Boat from California yesterday.  He was just visiting Texas.  We had a great time.  Later,,

      Brian Mulligan

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      To Brian, I saw that too but didnt open it because I see that kind on stuff in my spam, but it would make a fun thread line lol. To David a happy anniversary to you and Jan, I would say come have lunch but you are going to be way to far up north for my location. Sorry because I would like to meet someone from the list coming thru the middle sea here since most of the list is on both wrong coasts to visit lol. G.

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      David & moderator.. 

       I got some porn through the CYOA site today.  I've had worse things happen to me but I thought we were all trying to stay on topic.?

      Brian Mulligan

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      Subject: CYOA - Off on a tangent

      Jan and I will be passing through the Great Lakes area (perhaps by motorcycle) on or about 23/23 May.  We have to be in Camden Maine on 24 May. 

      Only routing idea so far is to use US-2 which disappears at St Ignace, Michigan (UP) and reappears at the corner of NY,VT and Quebec. 

      Since there are some listers known to frequent that area the notion of a lunch stop has some appeal......

      For the record, we are going to sail aboard the Schooner Lewis R French, in a (late) celebration of our 2nd anniversary.   

      Bremerton, WA
      1968 C-22 #1109

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