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Re: speaking of shooting people - CYOA - HMS Bounty? I don't get it. "Was the wine good?"

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  • Jim Muri
    A good sailing segue might be to remind everyone that the Swiss are a legendary sea-faring people, and bearing arms is a natural thing stemming from their long
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      A good sailing segue might be to remind everyone that the Swiss are a legendary sea-faring people, and bearing arms is a natural thing stemming from their long history of piracy.

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      Subject: Re: speaking of shooting people - CYOA - HMS Bounty? I don't get it. "Was the wine good?"

      Do like the Swiss do every ones in the military from age 18 to I think 40 they do a 2 year stint for training then its like the reserve till they are 40 or so. Also everyone has the best rifle they have in the house so they can just grab and go if needed. G.

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      Subject: RE: speaking of shooting people - CYOA - HMS Bounty? I don't get it. "Was the wine good?"

      AMEN. Also add a mandatory 2 years military service. Teaches good discipline and maybe even a little honor for one’s neighbor. Just my two cents but it comes from a Marine and a NRA life member.
      Jesse Doyle
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      Subject: speaking of shooting people - CYOA - HMS Bounty? I don't get it. "Was the wine good?"

      Something I have long advocated is mandatory weapons training for all children between the ages of ten and eighteen as a part of their standard school curriculum. Same to include a minimum of one hour of fully graded firing range / target practice per week.

      Anyone with an A or B grade overall average at age 18 is automatically qualified for concealed carry permits. As a society we should encourage them to carry and the Good Samaritan Law would fully apply to them.


      On Oct 31, 2012, at 1:10 PM, jonathanletterman wrote:

      . . . . In my home town, we are having MANY street shootings...where perhaps over 100 cartridges are retrieved....Perhaps over SIXTY Frantic 911 calls come in. Some of these gun battles last over half an hour.

      The police arrive in time to count the spent cartridges...and collect the brass.

      "OFFICER! There are shots fired at Van Buren and Harding!"

      "Just a second, I need to finish my coffee first."

      "But your cup is empty..."

      "Yeah, I know...I meant I need another cup."

      Once the disaster begins...Perhaps it is best not to show up too quickly. Some of my neighbors like to go outside for a look see, and have been hit by stray bullets.

      Me? I am thinking of buying the DVD series, first aired on the Discovery/History channel...which predicted all this - Even a Perfect Storm to hit New York. They also have a series on street shootings.

      Got Response Time? I have got to try the coffee they are serving down at the Police Station...It has to be incredibly good.

      :)) Jonathan

    • jonathanletterman
      Thanks guys, It is good to see that some people can at least read and begin to comprehend...from their heart as well as their mind. So we can begin at least to
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        Thanks guys,

        It is good to see that some people can at least read and begin to comprehend...from their heart as well as their mind.

        So we can begin at least to discuss with basic facts -

        "Which way to head a Sailboat, as a serious storm approaches."

        I believe leaving on Thursday, that the Bounty could have made Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards


        ======= Why the seemingly off topic ...From the heart?

        I have spoken to original soldiers, from Germany and the Soviet Union who were there in 1942. My Father was a Longshoreman, and would bring such people "Home for Dinner" for me to play with from the many ships visiting our local port.

        If you think I am annoying on line...Think of me as a very inquisitive little boy, who has already read everything he can find on a subject at the local library.

        And do so as you are trying to eat your dinner.

        The fact that you may not speak English, would not deter me. I had a word book on hand in your language, and would speak a dialect of American Indian Hand sign.

        OMG! Yes, my Father would serve very good wine to his guests. And my Mother was a good cook...Or they may not have put up with me. He often would serve Schnapps or Vodka to them, before being introduced to me. Even Hot Saki, if you happen to be Japanese....There are many Greek Sailors in the world...so I had an early education with Ouzo.

        My Father, was once an aide to General Patton, who knew how to throw a lavish Dinner Party. And putting up with that General? General Patton always had a well stocked wine cellar. He was the richest officer in the American Army, he could afford it.

        du Coeur?

        ...the heart?

        It seems to me at least, without some other understandings of similar events in our History, it is nearly like reinventing the wheel...and all one can get is an argument.

        "Ich will nicht wiedersprechen mit Dem Fuhrer."

        :)) Jonathan


        I suspect that trying to speak to the Captain of the HMS Bounty?

        Well? The original one had its share of similar problems too.


        "Call me Ishmael...." I sometimes begin this way, when speaking to Arabs or Israeli's...They don't always get it...and begin to believe that this is my real name. So? I just go along with it. However, staying in such character, as if I am the last survivor of a ship wreck, who before even beginning the journey contemplated death and suicide, seems to work for me...

        When trying to discuss such things like that shipwreck they call the Middle East.

        ===================== Sometimes it is all in the details...to head North, East, West or South....Hitler's thoughts were always political and Lebenstraum. Just taking a Countries capital may not always to it anyway. My ancestors in Texas, were ready to fight on, after Richmond, VA had been seized. Just glad they didn't; or I may not be here.

        Hitler had it directed to tell his Soldiers that the Invasion of Russia was a Christian thing to do. There were many blessings for the German Troops by Priests; all along the way; but not so much on the way back. "Gott Mit Uns!" it is on their belt buckle. As in Poland, it was to free them from the ways of Communism and to restore a Free Russia. Many people, especially in the Ukraine, openly went to the streets to show support for their Nazi Liberators.

        What I learned first hand from German/Russian Soldiers, I have never seen in English print. It is however in the German Made Movie Stalingrad.

        Not everything I have learned is in print. And sometimes, when I feel a cold wind on my cheek, which suddenly comes from another direction...?

        This happened just before my Multi-Engine Check-ride...and being Pilot in Command, I had the plane on the ground with the FAA Inspector sitting comfortably in his seat, our jackets plugging up the front of the engines - As the sand storm hit. He nearly passed me, as we sat there... and we had not even taken off yet. :))

        Pilots may understand this logic. I am glad to see that Sailors do so too.


        The Perfect Storm Scenario, to hit the East and New York City was all discussed in similar details to an episode on the History/Discovery channel many years ago.

        And there is a reason, whey in the final scene of The Hunt for Red October, they find themselves in Maine. No Satellites...Why? Just try to look up Weather Data and History for Nova Scotia.

        ---> I was unable to figure out via the internet...If this could have been a preferred route...to escape the storm

        And I thought perhaps, I might find a sailor...who cold also tell me why NOT TO GO NORTH>>>Cause...over 1000 ships have been lost just off the coast of Nova Scotia.

        ======= Why head North...?Cause - When one area is having a Storm, another area maybe having calm. This is the nature of storms.

        As a child I was introduced to a novel about Wild Horses on Sable Island...Why Wild horses ....Shipwrecks... These odd horses may have 4 different gates to them...as in old time horses.


        Horse Gaits are very specific to genetics. So, a horses tracks in the sand are nearly easily understood and followed. I can basically do the same with people's imprints, and at time wonder why other people can Not?

        So...I can track horses, and sometimes people...But sailboats?

        "I don't understand."

        Kind of annoying ain't it.


        --- In columbiasailingyachts@yahoogroups.com, CJE <cjecje1@...> wrote:
        > It was very fortunate that Hitler was apparently militarily stupid. If I had been running the German war machine I think I could have forced England to terms before the US was ever prompted to get off their hands. And with the agreement with Stalin already in place - why go after the Russians at all? Eventually pay them off by giving them Poland and the other smaller border countries and keep the rest in the new german empire.
        > Thank God Hitler was a fool.
        > stephen
        > ----------
        > On Nov 2, 2012, at 10:21 AM, Jim Muri wrote:
        > The Nazis were going to be in Moscow for the winter, among other 'civilized' places, and thus would be able to winter over under shelter. Clothing would be brought in during the pause. But Goering couldn't keep his 'air train' supply tonnage promises. Worse, in the early fall Hitler diverted about half of Army Group Center south to go after Stalingrad, bleeding the combat strength of Army Group Center and making it impossible for them to maintain a rapid advance toward Moscow.
        > That whole campaign is a fascinating read. Thank God you didn't have to observe it first hand.
        > Divide and conquer. Hitler divided his forces at just the wrong time.
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        > Thanks for your snow analogy and wine understandings...
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