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143571Re: CYOA - Winter Glue

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  • cjecje1
    Apr 25, 2014
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      You must be younger than me - we used to build a wood fire under the oil pan and block the wind.


      On Apr 25, 2014, at 5:52 PM, Marty wrote:

      On 04/25/2014 03:47 PM, Jim Muri wrote:
      > All of them require 55 degrees or more.

      I remember in college working p/t for an excavation company during the
      winter. We'd use the heavy equipment for removing snow instead of
      moving dirt in the winter.

      On real cold days it could be hard to get some of the diesels started so
      we'd prop up some sheets of plywood around the loader or tractor or
      whatever (like skirts on a mobile home), then aim a kerosene "torpedo"
      heater underneath. After 20 or 30 minutes of this they'd fire right up.

      The point: could you drape some blankets over the areas and heat from
      underneath to get the glue to cure? Heat source could be light bulbs,
      or one of those small space heaters.

      Marty ~ '74 C28 ~ Coastal North Carolina
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