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143556Winter Glue

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  • Jim Muri
    Apr 25 9:44 AM
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      Since we're sharing woodworking tips here, I am wondering if any of you have found a solution to gluing wood in the winter.

      Let me admit that so far I have only tried Elmer's and Titebond, and with qualified success, but both carry the instructions to only use it when the air, materials and glue are above 55 degrees.  Also, the glue is not to be used where the object being made is kept in an area where it will be wet a lot of the time.

      I do much of my woodworking in what I laughably call my shop (garage) and I draw the line at paying to heat that space.  So if I do any woodworking over the winter - and I do - I just cross my fingers and hope that any gluing will be okay if I keep it clamped for a full day.  Naturally this slows down my build rate and still leaves me worried.

      Today's date is 25 April.  It is 09:30 PDT.  The ambient temperature is 49 degrees.  It is 42 degrees in my garage.  It is raining.  There may be six days in July when my garage temperature gets above 55 degrees.

      So - are there inexpensive woodworking glues that can be used successfully in my garage over the winter and withstand moist / damp / wet environments?  Or am I going to have to go to my marine supply house to find something? 

      Harry, you live in Alaska.  What do you guys use up there?  And don't tell me you use oil-fired space heaters.  That would be a low blow. 
      James R. Muri

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