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128670Re: CYOA - Rub Rail Blues

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  • Kbjmjrb@cs.com
    Sep 5, 2011
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      That may actually work. I am a real fan of stucco sealer. It is used extensively out here; as is stucco. It is non-toxic, environmentally neutral, and smells better than a lot of boat hull fix-it stuff. I've even used it on cloth to prevent paint bleed-through when making flags. The only problem I can see is to make sure enough water has been purged from the joint so the sealer can penetrate. You can purchase syringes and needles from veterinary supply places, by the way. A #22 needle is about the size of a sewing needle: a #18 is a little less than 1/16".

              Bruce K
              Challenger # 74, "Ouroboros"
              Los Lunas, NM

      Well now, I have taken off my rub rail on the portside and cleaned it and sprayed it (teh hull joint) with 'Salt-AWAY'. Then reinstalled it, scraped / cleaned the caulking from the top of the joint and new caulking is in.
      Hopefully this will stop the water intrusion that is happening here in this lovely land of liquid sunshine.
      Being a 'realist' I figure it won't.
      What I am thinking of doing is drilling very small hole in an 'upwards' direction thru the middle of the rub rail. Then taking a very small syringe, like the kind West Systems has, and flooding the void of the rub rail with a 'Cpt Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure' substitute. The will most if not all cracks or whatever and seal them.
      I am thinking this will cost me maybe a gallon of the stuff, at a mere $25, and a days work per side.
      It may be a moot point down south in the tropics and such but I got 1 more winter up here hopefully and I hate water in the boat.

      So here is the Q: What do you see wrong with this plan?

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