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110792RE: CYOA - Re: Columbia Main Cabin Ports for sale

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  • Kurt Messerschmidt
    Aug 1, 2009
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      Dear Chris,

      I can assure you that Andy does not have a computer -- they rarely
      answer the phone ("And don't show up too early ANY morning . . .")

      Let me know if you need them; I'm up that way once a month or so (we've
      got prisons all over the state) and I'll drop in the next time if you do and
      sort through his piles of things and get the nicest set he has. Again, the
      Plexi will be crazed (still with the paper on it) and brittle but it was
      easy enough to have it replaced with tempered glass when I did it.

      Best wishes,



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      Subject: CYOA - Re: Columbia Main Cabin Ports for sale

      Thank you for that Kurt. DO you know if Mr. Wiley is available on e-mail?
      Perhaps he would be willing to look for a pair and ship 'em to me.

      Otherwise, I may indeed be getting in touch with you to beg this service of
      you. It would be a wonderful upgrade tot he old girl (SUNDANCE - not

      Chris McKesson

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      ts@yahoogroups.com, "Kurt Messerschmidt" <messerschmidt@...> wrote:
      > Dear Chris,
      > The last time I was at Andy Wiley's place up to Irvington he still had
      > quite a few of those windows -- old, dirty and strewn around half a dozen
      > buildings but still unused. I bought a set from him five years ago and
      > them to a glass shop where I had the Plexiglas removed and replaced with
      > tempered glass smoked in the exact shade of the newly installed Lewmar
      > which were also being installed that spring. The total cost for the large
      > ports was: $80 for the pair from Andy, $140 to have the glass cut and
      > tempered and installed and $30 to have them shipped from Charleston where
      > lived and had the glass work done to the Rochester, NY yard doing the
      > That was a total of $250, less than the price of each of the six Lewmar
      > ports which were $300 each. That was a great deal. Those replaced the
      > second set of ports which we had installed in the mid-1980's and which
      > a very dark smoked Lexan They Lexan ones were bulletproof (literally) but
      > over the years the Lexan had accumulated a million tiny scratches and was
      > cloudy and the dark color gave the boat an unattractive 80's Hunterish
      > The finished product may be seen on the CYOA webpage under Owners'
      > C-36 272 Como No.
      > If you are unable to get Eric's set, let me know and the next time I'm
      > up that way, I'll stop and see if Andy has another set for you.
      > Continued enjoyment of the summer's cruise. Love to Debbie.
      > Best wishes,
      > Kurt
      > _____
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      > Subject: CYOA - Re: Columbia Main Cabin Ports for sale
      > Oooh - I REALLY want those. IT would make Debbie so happy to have new
      > windows, and they are a perfect fit.
      > I understand that two other fells have expressed interest in them. Guys,
      > bad do you want 'em? Can I buy out your options?
      > Thanks for even considering it.
      > Chris McKesson
      > ...looking at the anchorage on Sucia Island through old milky
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      > ts@yahoogroups. <mailto:ts%40yahoogroups.com> com, "Eric White"
      <svcompassrose@> wrote:
      > >
      > > I can't believe I forgot these when I was putting together my list of
      > things for sale. I have a pair of '60s vintage Columbia main cabin ports.
      > often refer to them as bullet windows.
      > >
      > > They are new old stock - they have never been installed. They need some
      > cleaning, but they are not corroded. The inside rubber trim strip is in
      > place. Some screws are missing, but easily replaced.
      > >
      > > Although the ports all look the same they were slightly different sizes
      > different models. These measure about 53 3/4" long (check the picture on
      > sale page so you can see how I measured them - link is below). I do not
      > which model(s) they fit, so you have to measure yours. $100 + shipping if
      > you are outside the area.
      > >
      > > http://members.
      > <http://members.
      > cox.net/svcompassrose/Stuff%20For%20Sale/salepage.htm#ports
      > >
      > > Eric
      > >
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