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  • Alan Clendinen
    Feb 4, 2009
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      Ah, it's more complicated than that. To further muddy the boat-years waters,
      you would have to take into account the manufacturer/model of boat. Vintage
      Pearsons such as that 1966 Triton were built like tanks, so they would have
      a lower number value to multiply with year of manufacture.

      If you were wanting to calculate the boat-years for a boat having a
      reputation for lower quality, (example: Catalina) you would need to use a
      higher number. So if we use 5 for a Triton, a Catalina would use 10.

      The resulting calculations for a 42 year-old Catalina (assuming there are
      any Catalinas that old) would be 420 boat-years, and believe me, a 42
      year-old Catalina would look like it was 420 years old.

      The higher quality Triton would look much younger for its 42 years in the
      harsh saltwater environment, and that is why she gets a boat-years value of
      210 (5 X 42)

      To further muddy the waters, you would have to take into account the
      maintenance records of the boat in question, and I won't even go
      there...smoke is starting to come out of my ears. ;)


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