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101213Re: How do you tack? (was CYOA - Ash Ling)

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  • Harry James
    Oct 2, 2008
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      I am a C kind of guy usually from the windward side. When racing in
      light to medium winds and I was the helmsman I would sail from the lee
      side for a better view of the sails.


      Eric White wrote:
      > Tack. That was my first thought, too. <grin>
      > But it brings up a question to you tiller users:
      > When you tack, do you:
      > A. move to the windward side of the boat
      > B. switch hands on the tiller
      > C. A and B
      > D. keep your butt in the same spot
      > E. it depends.....
      > I've seen people do all of the above except B only. I fall into the C
      > catagory - I move to the windward side and switch hands. I think this
      > is because I did almost all my early sailing on stuff like Sunfish,
      > Force 5, etc. I had to move to the windward side or the boat would
      > tip over. I switched hands on the tiller because the hand towards the
      > bow controlled the main sheet, so the hand toward the stern controlled
      > the rudder. (Note - "controlled" was sometimes a relative term).
      > I think this was reinforced when sailing a boat with any weather helm.
      > When sitting to windward you hold the tiller towards you; when sitting
      > to leeward you constantly have to push the tiller away. Holding it
      > toward me seems to take less effort and felt more natural.
      > So, how do you tack?
      > Eric
      > --- In columbiasailingyachts@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Ouellette
      > <pat@...> wrote:
      >> On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 03:02:43PM -0000, jeff talbut wrote:
      >>> Sighhh!!...Don't be "sorry" that was a sigh of relief...JT
      >>> Oh, by the way...about this reoccurring tiller cramp...
      >> Tack more often ;-)>
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