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Re: Extremist voting by Councilmember Jim Graham

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  • jncapheights
    Well, after all of your shenanigans, I don t want to live near you. MOVE. ... The ... bring ... residents
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 3, 2002
      Well, after all of your shenanigans, I don't want to live near you.


      --- In columbia_heights@y..., "Shelore Williams"
      <shelore.citycouncil@v...> wrote:
      > September 3, 2002
      > Councilmember Graham tried to bring the D.C. morgue to Ward One.
      > morgue would have been located in a highly residential neighborhood
      > along Sherman Avenue. The morgue would also have been placed in the
      > vicinity of Meyer Elementary School. However, Graham's plan to
      > the morgue to Ward One was cut short by community leaders and
      > who did not wish to live near a morgue.
      > Shelore Williams
      > Democratic Candidate, Ward One City Council
      > Washington CityPaper. "The Death Penalty" Loose Lips; Vol. 4 No. 28,
      > July 14-20 2000.
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