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RE: [columbia_heights] Fw: Klingle Road - Please Email the Mayor Today!

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  • Larry Bellinger
    I live on the 13th Street Commuter Freeway between Euclid and Fairmount. I may not like it but I deal with it and trust me, even if we get rid of the rush
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      I live on the 13th Street "Commuter Freeway" between Euclid and Fairmount. I
      may not like it but I deal with it and trust me, even if we get rid of the
      rush hour parking restrictions living on Interstate 13 is a much greater
      hardship than any that would be faced by folks near Klingle road. As far as
      "plenty of alternatives" for crossing the park, be real. There are some park
      crossings and during the rush hour they bottleneck and back up leaving
      idling car's emissions to add to the bad air quality.

      I agree that more cash should be spent on public transportation but the
      bikes and strollers rap is tired and worn. I think the folks that benefit
      the most from Klingle Road remaining fallow are the folks in the immediate
      vicinity and I am sure they are in total support of running a free shuttle
      from Columbia Heights to their neighborhood (pause here to let sarcasm sink
      in). I would rather my tax dollars go for increasing mobility than to
      subsidize what in essence would be a private park.

      Repair and reopen Klingle Road

      Larry Bellinger

      "In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence
      of our friends. "
      - Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)

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      From: John Friedrich [mailto:communityharvest@...]
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      Mayor Today!

      Dear friends of Klingle Valley,

      I'd urge exactly the opposite. Contact the Mayor and urge him to leave
      Klingle Valley alone. Don't we have enough pavement and pollution and noise
      in this city? DC was just given an "F" in air quality by the American Lung
      Association -- 7th worst air quality in the U.S., largely due to too many
      cars. Witness the 13th St. commuter freeway twice per day, for example.

      There are plenty of alternatives for car drivers to go back and forth across
      Rock Creek Park. There are far fewer places where families and kids can ride
      a bike or where families can push a stroller safely. How about using funds
      that would have been spent on more cement for a free shuttle to Klingle
      Valley from Columbia Heights for the many families who don't own an

      Tell the mayor that taxpayer money would be better spent on public
      transportation and park space that every city resident can use -- not just
      the far smaller number who need to shave a few minutes from their commute or
      shopping trip.

      John Friedrich

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