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A Crazy Quilt of Redistricting

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  • GrahamWOne@aol.com
    Dear Friends: Today s Post has an article on redistricting. I wanted to give you just a little more flavor on what the Mendelson redistricting plan would do.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2001
      Dear Friends:

      Today's Post has an article on redistricting.

      I wanted to give you just a little more flavor on what the Mendelson
      redistricting plan would do. It really does create unnecessary controversy,
      all in an effort to keep one neighborhood in Ward 3 and out of Ward 2.

      That neighborhood is Glover Park, an area by the way that is by report not
      all that opposed to a transfer to Ward 2.

      To achieve that, Mendelson has to pick five fistfights.

      First, he would jump the park and transfer Forest Hills east of Conn. from
      Ward 3 to Ward 4. The anticipated reaction from Forest Hills has been
      described as "ballistic".

      The same reaction is likely to occur in Woodley Park, a piece of which I now
      represent. Rather than reuniting Woodley Park, Mendelson further divides it
      and in effect chooses the worst option: 5.02 to Ward 3, 5.01 to Ward One. I
      would keep that boundary the same, something that both sides of Connecticut
      are willing to live with.

      Mendelson then looks for a scuffle, which he will get, over the transfer of
      Sheridan Kalorama, and North Dupont Circle/South Adams Morgan to Ward 2. A
      change by the way that insures a "white ward" for Jack Evans, something that
      he has steadfastly said he does not want.

      Finally, Mendelson takes the neighborhood of Park View, a solid African
      American middle class community east of Georgia in Ward One, and splits off a
      third of it for Ward 5. I want to keep Park View, and I certainly don't want
      the one third which faces the MacMillan reservoir to be part of a Ward a
      quarter of a mile away.

      So natural boundaries are ignored, neighborhoods are split up, people are
      agitated all because a relatively willing Glover Park must not go to Ward 2.
      The proposal also is contrary to the recommendations of my Ward One
      Redistricting Task Force.

      In the Orange Graham plan, we avoid all of those controversies through the
      single transfer of Glover Park.

      To do otherwise, just doesn't make sense.

      Ward One still has to lose population. Under our plan, Forest Hills would not
      be jumping the Park to Ward 4. Thus in order to add needed population to that
      Ward, we transfer about 5700 people from census tracks 28.0l and 29 (Upper
      Columbia Heights/Petworth) on the Northern boundary to Ward 4. All other
      boundaries remain the same. A tough choice, admittedly, but not as
      disruptive as the Mendelson plan for Ward One.

      I wanted you to know.

      Bests Jim
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