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Re: [columbia_heights] Candidates For Democratic A t-Large Council Seat Appointment

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    I stand by my take on things. ... From: Lenwood Johnson Sent: Thursday, November 18, 2010 8:32pm To: whj@melanet.com,
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      I stand by my take on things.

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      There is a bit of inaccurate information in your email: the DCDSC most likely will not make an endorsement in the special election, and whoever wins the appointment will not automatically become the Democratic Party's candidate. Because this is a special election, the DC Board of Elections will not recognize any candidate as being the "official" candidate of that party; anyone can run under any affiliation. I'm sure there will be many Democrats in the special election--many Democrats who chose to bypass this unnecessary, silly process set up by the DSC.

      I am an at-large elected committeeman (this is my third term). In every election, Ward 5 supported me overwhelming; therefore, I'm inclined to support a Ward 5 candidate for the appointment. Who is the Ward 5 candidate?

      --Lenwood Johnson

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      Subject: [columbia_heights] Candidates For Democratic At-Large Council Seat Appointment
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      Date: Thursday, November 18, 2010, 12:39 PM

      Ward 1 Democrats & Neighbors,

      The persons below have begun the required process to receive the appointment to temporarily fill the At-Large Council Seat being vacated by CM Kwame Brown.   Those who complete the petition process will form a pool from which the DC Democratic State Committee body will pick to serve as the At-Large Council Member until a special election can be held.  This is also the person the party is likely to back for the special election. As a Ward 1 Democratic State Committeeman I will have one of those votes. Given the critical budget and policy issues facing the District over the next 6 months, this seat is extremely important.  To date, the discussion around this seat as been a personality contest with almost no discussion of issues or positions. I really don't believe the city and Ward 1 in particular can afford an issueless appointment and special election.

      The current Council over the years has basically turned a blind eye, while CM Graham has steered City and WMATA owned property and city financial resources(tax abatement and etc.) to developers such as Donatelli Development who have failed to fully live up to community obligations.  In the case of Donatelli Development homeless and housing policy for Ward 1 and near Ward 4 is being driven almost totally by their need to constantly refinance their projects. As well setting back development on Georgia Ave in the Ward almost 4 years. 

      With the city facing a budget crisis, an affordable housing crisis for working and middle class families, education reform as a shell game, transportation/planning policy as gimmick of the week and neighborhood business corridors being relegated to bar strips, at least personally have no interest in being schmoozed.  I would really like an At-Large member with the courage to wisely take on these issues.

      Any way, I would really like to hear from folk before I vote.  Now to be honest, I prefer someone from Ward 1 but this is about the city. I just believe some one really understands Ward 1's issues is best positioned to help the city face similar issues and thrive.

      William Jordan, DCDSC Ward 1 Committeeman 


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