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Re: [columbia_heights] RE: Violation of out Bylaws by a commissioner

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    I wish you would adress this in house instead of broadcasting to the entire Columbia Height group. Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry ... From: Lenwood
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 9, 2009
      I wish you would adress this in house instead of broadcasting to the entire Columbia Height group.

      Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

      From: Lenwood Johnson
      Date: Sun, 9 Aug 2009 16:40:42 -0700 (PDT)
      To: Cliff Valenti<cliffvalenti@...>; columbia<columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [columbia_heights] RE: Violation of out Bylaws by a commissioner


      I have produced minutes for every ANC meeting I have served as secretary; at the July 2009 monthly meeting, Cliff refused to allow review and approval of the June 2009 minutes. I did indeed distribute the minutes to all commissioners present. After the minutes are distributed for commissioners' review, they belong to the ANC to do with whatever they want. Chairman Cliff refused to entertain the review & approval of the minutes at last month's meeting.

      BUT my minutes production is not the issue here. ANC 1A has been driving on the should this WHOLE term. We are being led by a chair (and executive committee) that wants short, non-substance meetings instead of lengthy, substantive meetings that produce good work. The commission has done nothing in the way of administrative housekeeping: mail is not picked up on a regular basis, the phone bill went unpaid until service was disconnected, the rent went unpaid for 6 months--and I'm not sure it's been paid to date, and the ANC website was shut down because the maintenance fees were not paid.

      Cliff (and the whole ANC), "shut up and drive!"

      --- On Fri, 8/7/09, Cliff Valenti <cliffvalenti@ hotmail.com> wrote:

      > From: Cliff Valenti <cliffvalenti@ hotmail.com>
      > Subject: RE: Violation of out Bylaws by a commissioner
      > To: "(ANC) William Jordan" <whj@melanet. com>
      > Cc: "(ANC) Betty Pair" <bbpair@...>, "(ANC) Calvin Woodland" <cwoodland@dccouncil .us>, "(ANC) James Simcox" <james.simcox@ gtsi.com>, "(ANC) LaKeisha Thomas" <lgthomas@att. blackberry. net>, "(ANC) Lenwood Johnson" <slimwood145@ yahoo.com>, "(ANC) Lisa Kralovic" <lisakralovic@ yahoo.com>, "(ANC) Luis Morales" <moralmb@yahoo. com>, "(ANC) Sam Johnson" <sjohnson@navy. mil>, "(ANC) Sandra Scottland" <sandrascottland@ yahoo.com>
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      > Thanks William -
      > While we are not receiving the minutes as outlined in our
      > SOP, and we have had bills going unpaid I believe that with
      > the exception of some missing checks from the last
      > commission we are up to date now. As far as this issue, I
      > actually am obligated to report it to the office of the ANC.
      > In fact, it has been recommended that we do a resolution of
      > disclosure and pass it at our next meeting so the violation
      > is made public. Without doing so any one of us is at risk of
      > being accused of trying to hide or cover up how/what ANC
      > funds are being spent.
      > ~Cliff
      > Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 08:56:14 -0400
      > From: whj@melanet. com
      > To: cliffvalenti@ hotmail.com
      > CC: bbpair@...; cwoodland@dccouncil .us;
      > james.simcox@ gtsi.com; lgthomas@att. blackberry. net;
      > slimwood145@ yahoo.com; lisakralovic@ yahoo.com;
      > moralmb@yahoo. com; sjohnson@navy. mil;
      > sandrascottland@ yahoo.com
      > Subject: Re: Violation of out Bylaws by a commissioner
      > Cliff, thanks for taking the lead in addressing this
      > serious matter; however,  this should be officially
      > addressed first within the commission before consulting
      > outside persons or  bodies.  We are responsible
      > for enforcing our bylaws not the Office of the ANC. The city
      > rarely punishes individual commissioners, but the
      > responsible body, the entire commisison.  As well
      > Lenwood the public response was premature and unwise.
      >  ANC1A is in administrative meltdown which is affecting
      > our ability to effectively serve our constituents at a very
      > critical time.  I suggest we take a small step
      >  back and carefully work through this.  While
      > accountablity results may not change by taking a small step
      > back, the commission the end will be stronger and our
      > constituents better served.
      > William
      > Cliff Valenti wrote:
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      > Hello -
      > It has been brought to my attention that a commissioner has
      > seriously violated our bylaws.  Article 3, Section 14
      > and our standard operating procedures, and the ANC handbook
      > clearly state that payment of funds is disbursed by the
      > treasurer, and the chair.   No other commissioner
      > has the right to disburse funds for any reason.  All
      > disbursements must be approved by the commission and signed
      > by two officers (one of which must be the treasurer or the
      > chairperson) .
      > Our treasurer has been able to identify the commissioner
      > who has violated not just or rules, but the law, and I am
      > talking with the office of the ANC about how we should
      > handle this.  The commissioner in question used an
      > electronic account to pay everyone's cell phone
      > bill.  This is very serious not just because the bill
      > was double paid and unapproved, but because they found a way
      > to get around the 2 required signatures and approval process
      > for doing so.  In fact, the method of payment used
      > would have been untraceable had the representative from
      > verizon not noted information about the payment. 
      > Keep in mind that our quarterly reports are legally binding
      > documents that - when signed - hold the signers accountable
      > for all the transaction contained in them.  THis
      > emphasizes how critical it is that commissioners respect the
      > rules governing this body.
      > Thanks,
      > Cliff

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