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Re: Disturbance at 11th and Euclid Streets - proactive response

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  • David McIntire
    For this page and other information see the MPD website http://mpdc.dc.gov/mpdc/cwp/view,a,1242,q,562439.asp For more local information, you could also join
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 5, 2007
      For this page and other information see the MPD website

      For more local information, you could also join the 3rd District
      substation yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/3DSubstation/

      Elizabeth McIntire

      Summer of Safety 2007

      Early in 2007, the Chief of Police appealed to local organizations,
      companies, members of the clergy and others with an S.O.S. The call
      for help was intended to ask these groups to share with the police
      department a list of events each group would host during the summer
      months that would target the city's school-aged youth. The
      requirements were that the events be supervised and be of little to no
      cost to the residents of the District.

      Previously called, "40 Days of Increased Peace," this year, the Chief
      renamed the program the "Summer of Safety 2007" in order to extend the
      period from 40 days to the entire 73-day summer break for DC's youth.
      The community answered the Chief's S.O.S. and provided the police
      department with a comprehensive list of diverse activities for all age
      groups. The police department is sharing that list with local parents
      and youth in an effort to prevent an increase in delinquency amongst
      youth due to summer-related boredom and lack of supervision.

      Combined with the list of activities in this DC Summer Guide, the
      police department will provide a daily listing of summer events hosted
      by their own police lieutenants, as well as the police partners who
      responded to the chief's S.O.S. to provide outreach to youth. For the
      most current information, call (202) 727-8809 or visit
      www.mpdc.dc.gov/sos. Youth and parents will also be able to call
      202-I'M-Bored to hear a daily listing of activities.

      SOS Kickoff on June 14
      Join the MPDC at these four locations to help kick off the 2007 Summer
      of Safety

      Police District Time Location Contact
      Sixth District Noon-4 pm Boys & Girls Club #14 (Richard England
      4103 Benning Road, NE Officer Ingrid Dixon
      (202) 698-0849

      Seventh District Noon-8 pm Malcolm X Elementary
      1351 Alabama Avenue, SE Lendia Johnson
      (202) 698-1454

      ROC-Central Noon-4 pm Hechinger Mall Parking Lot
      Maryland Avenue and Benning Road, NE
      Fayette Vaughn-Lee
      (202) 698-0188

      ROC-North Noon-4 pm Bancroft Elementary School
      1755 Newton Street, NW Marco Santiago
      (202) 671-6604
      Alicia Rucker
      (202) 576-7247

      * Download the Kickoff Flyer*

      (202) I'M-Bored (202-462-6733)
      The S.O.S. Program will begin on June 14, 2007, the last day of school
      in the District, and run through the last day of the summer vacation,
      Sunday, August 26, 2007. During this time, parents and youth can find
      information each morning about the day's supervised events by calling
      a special police hotline, 202-Im-Bored (462-6733) or by visiting the
      website at www.mpdc.dc.gov/sos. Information about 202-I'M-Bored and
      the S.O.S. program will also be placed on MySpace© and YouTube.com.
      For more information, call (202) 727-8809.

      District Police Camps
      All seven police districts in DC will host a summer camp for local
      school-aged youth in their individual districts. The camps will
      operate Monday through Friday. They will include breakfast and lunch.
      Activities will focus on fun and educational field trips, sports, and
      motivational programs, featuring guest speakers. The camps will be
      run by trained officers who have worked throughout the school year as
      School Resource Officers (SROs). For information on registration and
      costs, call (202) 727-8809.

      Operation Prevent Auto Theft (OPAT)
      OPAT is a special camp for youth who have been arrested and charged
      with auto theft. It is a camp primarily directed towards community
      service, with a component that provides fun and educational activities
      designed for youth between the ages of 12 and 17. Most of the youth
      are identified and referred by the court system. However, for more
      information, contact (202) 576-6768.

      Camp Brown
      Camp Brown, named after former police chief and co-founder, Ernest W.
      Brown is operated through a partnership agreement between the
      Metropolitan Police Department and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater
      Washington. This year, one-week camp sessions will be held beginning
      July 9, through August 17, 2007. The camp is located about 80 miles
      south of Washington, DC in Scotland, Maryland. For 70 years, Camp
      Brown has been a place for school-aged youth between the ages of 7 and
      13 to escape the busy city for a week-long vacation. The campers stay
      in wooden cabins on 168 acres of land, alongside the Potomac River
      where they enjoy swimming, biking, fishing, listening to motivational
      speakers, and many other structured activities. Camp counselors
      include police officers who are trained to work with youth, as well as
      certified staff.

      For information, including details on the cost of the camp, call (202)
      397-CLUB (2582), ext. 8190 or (202) 727-4381, or visit
      http://www.bgcgw.org/clubs/metro_camp.html to download the application
      for the camp.

      --- In columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com, "gklein97" <gabeklein@...> wrote:
      > There were about 10-15 teenagers fighting in the street tonight and a
      > late model white cadillac deville pulled up, and some more young men
      > jumped out and one of them put his hand in his shorts motioning to
      > what I am guessing was a gun.
      > I am posting for a few reasons. Those of us who have lived through
      > the summers here know that the kids get restless, and they get into
      > trouble. Some of these kids seemd to be under the influence of
      > something, and this could have easily broken out into a gunfight.
      > I would like to give DC MPD credit for being on the scene within 2
      > minutes (at least of my phone call) and sending enough manpower to
      > handle the situation. The responsiveness was reassuring. Even
      > better, as it was wrapping up, a voice from the darkness yelled "#$@&
      > you white boy for calling the Po Po" which initially got a laugh from
      > me, but then I realized that they could also attack my house again
      > like they did a few months ago, breaking my window. MPD left a unit
      > on the street (it is still there) which is very smart as this would
      > have continued most likely in their absence.
      > So, thanks MPD, but to them and Jim Graham, what can be done
      > proactively this summer to try to stem the tide of violence? Are
      > there any programs in motion? I know that the police cannot be
      > everywhere at once, but will there finally be more officers on foot
      > and bicycle patrol in our neighborhood?
      > Thanks.
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