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Mayorga Coffee at the Tivoli "soft opening" Monday

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  • Rutogether
    By the Way, Mayorga is a rockville based roaster. In addition to coffee they will have an upstairs lunge with lunch/dinner menus. I ve heard good things about
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 15, 2007
      By the Way, Mayorga is a rockville based roaster.
      In addition to coffee they will have an upstairs lunge
      with lunch/dinner menus.
      I've heard good things about their location in Silver

      Their website is here: http://www.mayorgacoffee.com/

      Their Mission Statement:

      Mayorga Coffee Roasters is a diverse, upbeat Specialty
      coffee roaster, wholesaler, and retailer aimed at
      offering high-quality Specialty grade coffees sourced
      from farms and co-ops adhering to the highest
      environmental, social, and quality standards. We view
      ourselves as partners with our customers, employees,
      vendors, community, and environment. Our goal is to
      make a positive impact in our partners' lives while
      becoming a regionally recognized brand name. Our goal
      will be achieved through quality, consistency,
      education, and integrity. We strive for healthy
      growth, product and service excellence, annual
      profitability, community contribution, and building a
      positive environment for our employees.

      General Information

      Mayorga Coffee is:

      Certified minority-owned business
      Certified by the USDA as organic food processor
      Certified by the State of Maryland as a food
      production facility
      Certified and licensed by the Maryland Department of
      the Environment
      Third-party HAACP certified



      Mayorga Coffee will be holding a "soft opening" on
      Monday (March 19). The owner of Mayorga Coffee, Jae,
      made this announcement on Tuesday on our community
      forum. Mayorga Coffee is coming in place of the much
      anticipated Kudo Beans at Tivoli Square (Park Rd and
      14th St NW). Based on Jae's forum posts, his cafe
      will be well worth the wait. It will go beyond just
      the normal coffee shop fare with gourmet tapas and
      alcoholic beverages.

      We have posted a listing for Mayorga Coffee in our
      Dining section. We would love to get your feedback on
      the food, drinks, and atmosphere of the newest
      addition to Columbia Heights' dining scene!

      Jae provides a better sense of what to expect during
      the opening day (next Monday) in his most recent

      I will be doing a soft opening this coming Monday.
      Please excuse the slight unfinished look of the place.
      We are still waiting to have our back bar in the
      lounge installed and have some finishing touches over
      all put in as we go. Signs are on the way but we will
      put up temporary signs in the mean time. On the main
      level, our tables were not made correctly so we will
      have temporary tables put in it's place. The chairs
      that go on the opposite side of the banquette will be
      put in place once the tables arrive. Also, remember
      there will be kinks worked out before I announce the
      "official" grand opening. I hope Mayorga DC is not
      judged by it's first few days in business. I guess you
      all will be my test subjects. I look forward to
      meeting you in person and remember to ask for Jae to
      receive coffee on me as I promised earlier. Coffee
      will be on me for the posters previous to this
      message. I can't offer the whole world a freebee. I'm
      sure you understand. Also, my alcohol won't be in
      place in time so free beer will have to be a rain

      Jae explains the reason behind all the delays as well
      as Mayorga's concept:

      I am the owner of the Mayorga Coffee at Tivoli Square.
      I thought I'd post something in this forum to answer a
      lot of questions I see here. Needless to say, our
      journey to this point has been a difficult struggle.
      The story is too long to post here so I will spare you
      the details. The important thing is that we are very
      close to opening soon. As soon as the DC Health
      department gives us the thumbs up, we are open for
      business. We do have 2 entrances. One on 14th St. and
      the other on Park Rd. We are a Mayorga Coffee serving
      everything you would expect from Mayorga Coffee
      Roasters. We are expanding on the concept here at
      Tivoli with a Lounge on the upper floor. We just
      finished creating a dinner menu for the Lounge. We
      hired a renowned chef to bring to life our concept.
      Food designed to be shared with inspiration from the
      unique locales from which our coffee beans originate.
      I am happy to see that our shop is generating some
      excitement from the neighborhood. I hope to serve you
      all well and I hope Mayorga Coffee at Tivoli will
      become THE place where friends from the neighborhood

      He also provides an idea of the kinds of food that
      will be served there:

      Yes, we will serve alcohol. In order for the board to
      issue our license, we must provide them with a
      Certificate of Occupancy which we are busy working on

      We are serving food with inspiration from the coffee
      regions. Not so much the actual dishes from the
      regions. You can look at it as a type of fusion.
      "Global Tapas" is what we are calling it for now for
      lack of a better term. Here are some examples.

      Lunch / Togo sample: "The Fat Cuban" - Smoked Pulled
      pork, swiss cheese, mangos, red onions, with our
      coffee barbeque sauce on a rustic loaf.

      Lounge menu sample: Grilled Lamb Chops marinated with
      sesame - scallion served with yukon wedges.

      Caribean Jerk wings with tomato and chorizo over white
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