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Re: [columbia_heights] Re:A Rent Supplement Program for Very Low Income Families

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  • William Jordan
    It would be unwise for us to dismiss as a matter of opinion the depth of the quantitative and qualitative differences being discussed here. I am judging Mr.
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 31, 2006
      It would be unwise for us to dismiss as a matter of opinion the depth of
      the quantitative and qualitative differences being discussed here. I
      am judging Mr. Graham's performance in comparison to a different and
      quantitatively and qualitatively higher standard than Chris and
      yourself. I am comparing whether this community is on tract to meet
      the redevelopment, social, economic and other plans/goals that "we"
      layed out in planning for our rebirth. And whether Mr. Graham has
      adequately played is role in helping us to achieve these plans/goals.
      You guys are primarily concerned with whether he is a decent and
      responsive council member, I don't in the main dispute this, just
      whether this is enough. On many object measures has not been enough for
      this community. In my view Mr. Graham has to hit on all cylinders, for
      others of you he only needs to hit a few for a strong grade. And this
      is not just subjective feelings there are concrete objects and time
      tables that needed to be met to achieve the vision that was layed out
      for this community. Why should this community be forced to lower its
      standards and vision to meet Mr. Graham's level of performance, should
      not we be demanding that he upgrade is performance to meet or at least
      aim for the higher standard that we set for our redevelopment?

      My goal here is to urge community members not to allow the standards and
      expectations to be lowered to fit the performance, but to demand that
      performance be raised to meet the standards as best as possible. The
      problem I have with Mr. Graham is that he resorted to activitely
      lowering the standards and goals we set for this community inorder to
      meet his political interests. If this community as a whole decides to
      lower the standards then we should have the necessary public forums and
      do so. But we should not allow the standards to belowered via
      superficial political gestures that are at best worthly of partial
      credit. I just believe that too much as been invested to begin to
      "grade on a curve" just because the Mr. Graham is popular.
      Unfortunately, I am not readly to go along with saying that the lower
      standard of performance for Mr. Graham is OK. Primarily, because I
      know he is up to the task of helping us to meet the higher standard if
      we demand it of him.


      Glenn Greene wrote:

      >I don't think it's a matter of holding the performance of Jim Graham
      >(or any other councilmember) "sacrosanct." It's just a difference of
      >opinion. There are people who think your criticisms are accurate, and
      >there are people who don't. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
      >If you tell people who disagree with you that their opinions are
      >uninformed or naive, based upon a shallow and superficial
      >understanding of the issues, it should not be a shock if they get
      >defensive. That approach is not likely to win people over to your view.
      >In my personal dealings with Councilman Graham's office, he and his
      >staff have been incredibly responsive in terms of taking action and
      >keeping me apprised of the efforts being made to address particular
      >situations brought to their attention. I may not agree with him on
      >every issue, but I agree with him enough to think that he has been and
      >continues to be a good, effective member of the City Council. That's
      >nothing more or less than my own personal opinion and it's worth as
      >much or as little as it's worth.
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