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Push Fenty on His Promises >> Its Your Turn Nov. 7

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    Hey Columbia Heights Residents: It s coming soon, election day on Tuesday. On November 7, you will be able to help keep Adrian Fenty honest and DC s
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2006
      Hey Columbia Heights Residents:

      It's coming soon, election day on Tuesday. On November 7, you will be
      able to help keep Adrian Fenty honest and DC's entrenched Democrat Party
      more transparent by voting DC Statehood-Green.

      As the Statehood-Green mayoral candidate I am pushing for Statehood
      forthrightly and will address the issues that matter most to DC's
      long-time working class families. I pledge to:

      · Rebuild and renovate our traditional public schools, vocational training
      facilities, and neighborhood libraries within 2 years while simultaneously
      creating thousands of apprenticeships and jobs for DC residents,
      · Reopen DC General Hospital and [LINK: http://www.otten06.com/hospital]
      expose the scandal of it's closure,
      · Eliminate the City's regressive tax system which makes the lower 60% of
      DC's taxpayers pay twice as much of an effective tax rate as the top 5%.
      We will replace this with a progressive tax system and thus earn the City
      an additional $300 million dollars annually,
      · Challenge the use of Emminent domain for the new baseball stadium scam
      and bring the Nationals back to a refurbrished RFK where most of us wanted
      it in the first place thus saving us close to a billion dollars, and
      · Fight for Statehood and budget autonomy from Congress.

      OTTEN vs. FENTY
      I debated Fenty twice this past week and pushed him on the above issues.
      If you missed it, explore the following links:

      · [LINK: http://www.ceo4u.com/sites/mayorchris/video/debate/index.html]
      Newschannel 8 Video Debate
      · [LINK: http://www.dcmediacollective.org/ChrisVsFenty/] WTOP-WashPost
      Radio Debate
      · [LINK: http://www.wamu.org/programs/kn/06/11/03.php] WAMU DC Politics
      Hour Radio Debate

      Remember, every vote for DC Statehood-Green Party Candidates:

      · Helps keep the entrenched Democrat Party more transparent and honest,
      · Is a vote against the Republikkkan Party,
      · Pushes political discourse towards issues that matter to DC's
      Working-Class Families, and
      · Is a vote for Statehood, no-half stepping!

      We need help to get the word out to your friends & on election day to had
      out flyers. The bigger the turnout the more political clout we have to
      push the City in a better direction.

      · Volunteer to help work the polls on election day anytime between 8am and
      8pm -- [LINK: http://www.dcstatehoodgreen.org/volunteer] click here
      · Tell a friend about the campaign and to vote on Nov. 7 -- [LINK:
      http://www.otten06.com/tellafriend] click here

      The 'Undoing the Damage' Campaign 2006 Invites you to explore the
      following links:

      · [LINK: http://www.otten06.com/platform] Chris Otten's Platform
      · [LINK: http://www.otten06.com/bio] Chris's Bio
      · [LINK: http://www.dcstatehoodgreen.org] Visit the Statehood-Green

      Let's do this on November 7!
      Chris Otten, Mayoral Candidate
      DC Statehood-Green Party
      [LINK: mailto:mayorchrisdc@...] mayorchrisdc@...
      [LINK: http://www.otten06.com] http://www.otten06.com
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