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Re: CH Giant

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  • tealspider
    Diet Sprite has not been for sale since 2004, before the new CH Giant was open. YOU ZERO!
    Message 1 of 66 , Oct 5, 2006
      Diet Sprite has not been for sale since 2004, before the new CH Giant
      was open.

      YOU ZERO!

      --- In columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com, "Glenn Greene"
      <glennsgreene@...> wrote:

      > The CH Giant has done fine by me, but maybe because I'm usually
      > shopping in the evening. As long as they keep putting cases of Diet
      > Sprite on special, I'll keep coming back!
    • William Jordan
      John, I have been tracking this CH Public Realm thing for over 3 years. I know that our plans have lost funding opportunities on at least 3 occasions. I know
      Message 66 of 66 , Oct 23, 2006
        I have been tracking this CH Public Realm thing for over 3 years. I
        know that our plans have lost funding opportunities on at least 3
        occasions. I know that funding issues are why this effort sat for 3
        years. And the tradeoffs in terms of funding are real and have serious
        consequences. And often these tradeoffs are not made clear to our ANC
        commissioners or our residents.

        For example:
        Initially, the CH Public Realm was going to be funded as part of the DC
        USA TIF proposal. Using this approach made the most sense since it
        would have allowed the TIF to directly pay for improvement throughout
        Columbia Heights without directly impacting appropriated District funds.
        So the lighting, street funiture, and care for some of our pocket parks
        would have been taken care of. Initially this approach did not go
        anywhere. However, when the TIF did finially moved forward the CH
        Public Realm Improvement were stripped out, $6M. (long story but
        primarily the CFO's office & Council and Ward politics ensured that the
        funding was lost). Later CH Public Realm was supposed to be funded via
        the Bus Shelter Contract, that did not happen either.

        During this time WIN and others were noticing that gentrification as
        pushed by the Williams Admin was not leading to investments in community
        instrastructure. So, the NIF initiative was passed, taking a percent of
        business taxes to fund these neighborhood improvements. Columbia
        Heights and Georgia Ave. were targeted areas. Money could be used for
        anything from employment training, policing services, housing,
        education, small business facade improvements, you name it and would be
        avialble at approx. $1M for each of I belive 12 targeted areas. In the
        legislative process it was rewritten to include Mt. Pleasant and target
        Mt. Pleasant. (Fair enough we have many of the same needs, but the
        reality is that that dilutes the focus.). The key was the legislation
        required that each target area come up with its priorities.

        I wrote about this before, but because the other methods were not used
        to fund CH Public Realm it sat dormant until the NIF funds became
        available. $1.2M was then used from the NIF to fund the civic plaza and
        some the improvements between Irving and Park on 14th. The rest of the
        Realm remains unfunded. The Pedestrian Way would become apart of the CH
        Public Realm and would have to be paid for out of the $1.2M or at the
        expense of other elements of the CH Public Realm. Now the ripple affect
        is that the $1.2M that is paying for the CH Realm could have been used
        to fund CH Police Foot Patrols or "CH Green Team". How many hours
        could $1.2M have bought in Foot Patrols, may be 14th & Columbia Rd. area
        would not lead the city in robberies. Even if other funds are found
        for the Pedestrian Way the would come out of other Ward 1 projects. For
        example approx. $5M in Georgia Ave. project support was lost to fund the
        Yellow Line expansion for provide unneeded off peak service before it is

        My point I am not responding out of proportion to this. Because we sat
        quietly before funds that should be protecting our lives is now being
        spent on engineering drawings and concrete. Money that should have
        poured concrete in CH is now going to pour concrete around the baseball
        stadium. And now some in Mt. Pleasant wants to take some of the $1.2M
        to pave over some of the little green space we have because they don't
        want the walk on the same streets that we have to. Now that we finally
        have some funds and focus on core CH issues, some want to distract us
        about the Pedestrian Way.

        I am actually being calm and constrianed given all that is at stake and
        the impact of petty politics on our lives.


        John Bailey wrote:

        >For love of all things holy, William, isn't this whole
        >thing being blown way way out of proportion? It
        >sounds to me like this guy Jack (and others) from Mt.
        >Pleasent had an idea to build a pedestrian pathway to
        >connect Mt.P and Columbia Heights. From what I
        >gather, it was discussed at an ANC meeting and it was
        >rejected. Isn't this how the process is supposed to
        >work? (For the record, I think ped only areas don't
        >generally work for the reasons that have been alluded
        >to already in this listserve this week.)
        >But I don't begrudge Mr. Jack the idea and the
        >suggestion. I live off Georgia Avenue, but I can
        >appreciate the need for safer ped connection to Mt.P.
        >I have good friends there; I go to the Sat. morning
        >farmer's market; and that is how I get into the park.
        >I just totally disagree that this is meant to only
        >benefit Mt.P to the detriment of Columbia Heights. And
        >just because someone is suggesting something new for
        >the neighborhood doesn't mean will necessarily de-fund
        >or prevent existing plans from being implemented. New
        >initiatives and ideas aren't put on hold while we wait
        >for other initiatives to come to fruition. That just
        >isn't how it works.
        >And did I miss something, or is there some "rivalry"
        >between Mt.P and Columbia Heights. Are the people in
        >Mt.P supposedly all rich and we are the oppressed
        >plebes in Columbia Heights? This of course would be
        >ironic since the folks in Adams Morgan supposedly
        >think that Mt.P is sketchy...and the folks in Woodley
        >Park are scared of Adams Morgan....and the folks in
        >Potomac are just plain frightened of D.C. (Hey...I
        >think I might start a campaign of those of us east of
        >Sherman to resent our overlords who love uptown west
        >of 11th and around the Metro station. Justice for
        >Pleasent Plains!!!)
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