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Message from Inspector Hoey, Police Substation

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  • ysmith@mpdc.org
    Darren, can you make sure the other listservs get this too. Inspector Hoey wanted to clarify that he is NOT discouraging anyone from calling 3-1-1. In fact,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
      Darren, can you make sure the other listservs get this too.  Inspector Hoey wanted to clarify that he is NOT discouraging anyone from calling 3-1-1.  In fact, if you want to log in nuisance properties to build Operation Crackdown cases, you should call 3-1-1 so that we can pull the list of calls for services made against the property.  However, since many of you have complained that your 3-1-1 calls are not being responded to in a timely manner, he is also encouraging you to call the special hotline he has set up at the police substation on Park Road to address this issue.  That number is answered at all times: 576-8232.
      Yvonne Smith
      MPD Outreach

      >>> djon@... 11/05/03 09:22AM >>>
      At a Monday night meeting of the Nile Valley Business Association,
      Inspector Robin Hoey asked residents of the lower Georgia Avenue
      community to call the 4th District substation - instead of 311 - if they
      want to get faster police service. So, if you see a drug deal going
      down, call 576-8232. That call will get you a faster response.


      >>> "Yvonne Smith"
      <ysmith@...> 11/05/03 09:14AM >>>
      To: Community Listserv Groups
      1) MPD-PSA 411;
      2) PSA 414 Orange Hats:
      3) Columbia Heights
      Total Number of Members: ~810 people

      This email is being sent to you, because I am a Community Outreach
      Coordinator at the Fourth District Police Substation -750 Park Road,

      I, oftentimes, speak to residents, citizen patrol groups and community
      leaders about strategies they can use to increase awareness in their
      neighborhoods, become more effective, and strengthen partnerships to
      address criminal activity.

      I said that to make this statement:  Whenever or If ever you see the
      police in pursuit of a suspected criminal, THE ABSOLUTE WORST thing you
      can do is come out of your home and ask questions.  1) It causes
      distractions, 2) You place yourselves in danger, 3) You reveal the
      officers' whereabouts (when sometimes the suspect doesn't have this
      information) and 4) you jeopardize the suspect being caught.

      When you see the police chasing someone and you can provide information
      on that person's whereabouts, use good judgement in doing so.  However,
      If you simply have questions about what is going on, STAY IN YOUR HOUSE
      and call the  substation, as you are taking measures INDOORS to secure
      yourself and your family. 

      In addition, you can leave a message with your lieutenant, who is
      charged with supervising officers in your neighborhood or ask to speak
      to the Watch Commander on duty.  At least you will be hearing what is
      going on from a reliable source, as opposed to "the word on the street."
      Listed below is the information that will help you get better answers
      to your questions, without putting yourself or the officers in danger.
      Police departments around the WORLD can tell you stories about innocent
      bystanders who have been KILLED by standing around to question what is
      going on. 

      The Fourth District Substation covers Patrol Service Areas (PSAs 410
      through 414).  For maps, email me or call me at 576-8227.  The fax
      number here is 576-3350 and the main number to the 24-hour front desk is

      PSA 410- Lt. Brian Grogan, 576-8211, bgrogan@...

      PSA 411- Lt. Charnette Robinson, 576-8221, cirobins@...

      PSA 412- Lt. Brian Grogan & Sgt. Deborah Pearce, 576-8211,
      bgrogan@... and Sgt. Deborah Pearce, 576-8218, dpearce@...

      PSA 413- Lt. Samuel Snyder, 576-6068, swsnyder@...

      PSA 414- Lt. Marvin Lyons, 576-8219, mlyons@...

      I hope this information is helpful to you and will aid you in staying

      Because I care,

      Yvonne Smith
      Metropolitan Police Department

      If you live in the Third District, the main number is: 673.6815 or
      visit their website at: http://mpdc.dc.gov/info/districts/3rd/main.shtm

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            1. Re: police chase 11/2 at 11th & Columbia
                 From: Jill Quinn <quinnova@...>
         Message: 1
         Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 08:36:00 -0800 (PST)
         From: Jill Quinn <quinnova@...>
      Subject: Re: police chase 11/2 at 11th & Columbia

      I'd like to know more about this as well.  The man that jumped the
      fence and the police and dog that followed practically ran through my
      backyard.  I saw much of it happen through my dining room window.   When
      I went out back to ask the lingering police what was going on, he
      ignored me.  According to my neighbors who were also drawn out back due
      to all the commotion (and I guess had better luck with the police than
      me), it was a sexual assailant on the run.  I'd like to know more about
      the crime and whether the police eventually got their guy.

      camlyndc <cbackus@...> wrote:
      Hi folks---
      Anyone know what was happening yesterday at about 11 am-noon at 11th
      & Columbia?  I saw the police cars when I went to the corner market
      to get my paper.  When I was sitting in my apartment reading the
      paper, this guy vaulted over the fence separating the sidewalk from
      our apartment's yard, followed closely by a police dog and two
      officers.  They were all over our building trying to catch him, and
      there was a helicopter later because he apparently got away.  What
      was up with this??


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