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Re: [columbia_heights] FW: Latest News on Illegal Document Sales on Columbia Rd

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  • Louis Cardona
    Jim, Great work on MPD and INS s part and thanks for the information, but when will we be more strategic and go after the employers that hire the users of the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 30, 2003
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      Great work on MPD and INS's part and thanks for the
      information, but when will we be more strategic and go
      after the employers that hire the users of the
      Micas(phony documents) especially when most of the
      employers know these documents are phony and thus are
      breaking the law. Also, correct me if I am wrong,
      but I have been told by members of MPD and the Secret
      Service that potential employers sometimes send
      someone to purchase large quantities of these micas,
      sometimes up to 50 of them so that they can provide
      their current employees with these micas to deceive
      with suppossed complaince to the 1996 Immigration
      Reform Law. Again, if residents want to see a major
      impact on this dreaded black market perhaps Mrs.
      Norton should pass legislation that also targets the
      employers and business owners that support this
      criminal enterprise.

      Do not get me wrong I do not want to remove
      accountability from the seller of the mica, but we
      know who are the real criminals in this matter. The
      reality is that regardless of how many members of this
      black market we arrest and deport there will always be
      people that will seek the micas out in order to find a
      job, and that's the irony to this that most of the
      individuals that are buying micas are doing so in
      order to get a job as opposed to robbing people and
      stealing. (Some laws are just flawed)

      Meanwhile, the real offender that contributes to this
      thriving black market never gets arrested. I wonder
      why? It is sort of sad to see that the almighty
      dollar means more to Americans then to ensure our
      safety, security, and well being.

      Luis Cardona
      At-Large member
      Chief Ramseys Citizen
      Advisory Council

      --- Jim Graham <jim@...> wrote:
      > Dear Friends:
      > In my attempts to keeping- up the pressure and
      > continue to keep you
      > informed of the developments regarding this matter,
      > I am passing on to
      > you the following information.
      > On Fri. June 27th my staff met with Congresswoman
      > Norton, Mr. Warren
      > Lewis, Dir. of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs
      > Enforcement, Dept.
      > of Homeland Security, Mr. Kevin Delli-Colli, Interim
      > Special Agent in
      > Charge, Dept of Homeland Security, Mr. John
      > Connolly, Homeland Security,
      > Cpt. Manning of MPD 3D and Sgt. Aguilar of the Adams
      > Morgan MPD Latino
      > Liaison Unit. I was unable to attend due to my
      > participation in the DC
      > government credit card abuse hearing held at the
      > same time.
      > Congresswoman Norton and I remain concern about the
      > illicit open air
      > market of illegal document and this was once again
      > voiced to the Dept of
      > Homeland Security officers present.
      > Dept. of Homeland Security Update Report:
      > August 14, 2002 Col. Rd., NW
      > * Seven individuals apprehended--ALL INS violators,
      > all have been
      > deported
      > Sept. 10, 2002 Col. Rd., NW
      > * Three individuals apprehended--ALL INS violators,
      > two have been
      > deported the other is in removal proceedings
      > Oct. 25, 2002 Col. Rd., NW
      > * Four individulas apprehended--ALL INS violators,
      > all have been
      > deported
      > Nov. 26, 2002 Shepherd St., NW
      > * Five individuals apprehended--ALL INS
      > violators--two, re-entry
      > after
      > deportation violators, two conspiracy and doc fraud
      > violators--ALL five
      > pled guilty in March/April 2003
      > Mill Location and Evidence Found (DISMANTED):
      > * 217 resident alien cards--$80-$150 ea
      > * 193 social security cards--$20 ea
      > * 57 employment authorization cards----$80-$150 ea
      > * 31 California Driver's Lic--$80 ea
      > * 8 Fl Driver's Lic
      > * 8 Utah ID cards
      > * 12 Mexican ID cards--$50 ea
      > * Docs making equipment--paper, typewriter,
      > laminators
      > ----
      > ------------------------------------
      > Dec. 30, 2002 Col. Rd., NW
      > * One individual apprehended--Pled guilty to
      > re-entry after
      > deportation, conspiracy and INS illegal docs. fraud
      > Feb. 24, 2003 Col. Rd., NW
      > * One individual apprehended--deported March 11,
      > 2003
      > April 28, 2003 Col. Rd., NW
      > * One individual apprehended--currently in removal
      > proceedings
      > May 5, 2003 Mt. Pl
      > * One individual apprehended--indicted May 13, 2003
      > for Conspiracy
      > May 22, 2003 Col. Rd., NW
      > * 2 individuals apprehanded---currently on
      > deportation proceedings
      > Since the beggining of INS Operation Shark and later
      > Operation Identity
      > Crisis there were 4 groups of vendors identified.
      > * Sopi's Group---16 were identified to belong to
      > this group---only
      > 5
      > remain at-large
      > * Virus' Group---11 were IDed to belong to this
      > group---only 5
      > remain
      > at-large
      > * Muy Grande's Group--6 IDed---4 remain at-large
      > * South Side Crew and the most persistent and
      > rooted---12 IDed to
      > belong to this group---10 remain at-large
      > The first three groups have been seriously
      > dismantled and are hardly
      > operating. The South Side Crew remains active on
      > the south side of Col
      > Rd. The Dept of Homeland Security will continue the
      > covert operatives
      > and will continue with sustained arrests of illegal
      > docs sellers, and on
      > the long they hope to erradication all illegal docs
      > selling in Adams
      > Morgan and the immidiate vacinities.
      > MPD, has been helpful in assisting INS in providing
      > visibility and they
      > will try to assist by intensifing visibility and
      > keeping the community
      > informed of latest development at PSA and other
      > community meetings.
      > Congresswoman Norton will continue to look into
      > legislation for tougher
      > penalties for violators. And, a follow up meeting
      > will be set for Sept
      > of this year to have further reports on actions
      > taken. Stay in touch!
      > Bests, Ward One Councilmember Jim Graham

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