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15896Re: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility on Harvard St. NW

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  • William Jordan
    Oct 2, 2004
      I really wish I could figure out how we loose focus so easily and end up
      in such silly exchanges. The number of people who in Columbia Heights
      who believe drug selling, robbery and being a nuisance to your neighbors
      is OK and a good thing is so small that it is not even worthy of
      discussion. In fact many who engage in the behavior don't support it.
      The challenge is how best as a community do we respond to the ranges of
      behaviors we encounter. There are times on my block where one end is
      peaceful, children playing, neighbors talking and enjoying a summer
      evening, while at the other end hell is breaking loose. So, I can
      easily see how everyone's observations ring true. So what do we do
      about it.

      1. Push public safety out of the realm of patronage politics. Adopt a
      general attitude that if one part of Columbia Heights is not safe, then
      the entire community is unsafe.

      2. Don't be trapped by the bruhaha of the numbers game. The politics of
      public safety will trick you into using numeric measures as an ends vs.
      a means only to measure progress.

      3. Call a truce on the use of the public safety issue in the Culture
      Wars. The mixing of Culture Wars and public safety puts us all in danger.

      4. Do not buy into the public agency bait and switch. While public
      safety is related to the effectiveness of public works and social
      services they are not the same, as being pushed by those who missuse the
      broken glass theory. It is the inappropriate bluring of these lines,
      that lead to public safety being used as a tool in the Culture Wars.
      Just makes us all unsafe.


      David McIntire wrote:

      >You completely mischaracterize what I have said. You are grandstanding. I
      >did not advocate for drug dealers or dealing. I did not hurl insults.
      >Everyone has the right and perhaps even the duty to express his or her
      >opinion and participate fully in community affairs whether they have lived
      >here 90 years or 90 minutes - that is why this forum is uncensored . Where
      >did I say otherwise?
      >However, that doesn't mean I have to agree.
      >Certainly there is crime in Columbia Heights. There is crime in Kansas and
      >everywhere else. I just disagree with how it is being characterized by some.
      >Once again, if it were so dangerous and crime was out of hand residents
      >would be moving out, not in, and real estate prices would not be going
      >through the roof. And a whole lot more people would be attending PSA
      >meetings - turnout is pitiful.
      >I don't know who you are or where you live so what more can I say?
      >Dave McIntire
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      >Subject: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility
      >on Harvard St. NW
      >I don't understand the need to advocate for the drug dealers. You
      >hurl insults but still miss the point. I am glad to see from your
      >previous posting that criminal activity in your area has improved -
      >however, where I am, condos are not selling for $500k and criminal
      >activity - of the very blatant type - exists 24/7. I'm sure the
      >residents of our little slice of CH would be delighted to hear that
      >we are strutting and exaggerating when we speak out about this. Many
      >have been here for 40-50 years and still have the same complaints and
      >don't agree that these are problems of the past - presumably they
      >pass your acid test for living here long enough to be allowed to have
      >a thought. I do work closely with the people in my neighborhood -
      >where we don't exclude based on age or longevity of residence - as
      >well as with our local community leaders and police. Like it or not,
      >new or old, everyone lives here and despite your rantings have the
      >right to an opinion and safe and drug free streets.
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