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15893Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility on Harvard St. NW

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  • ktempestdc
    Oct 1, 2004
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      I don't understand the need to advocate for the drug dealers. You
      hurl insults but still miss the point. I am glad to see from your
      previous posting that criminal activity in your area has improved -
      however, where I am, condos are not selling for $500k and criminal
      activity - of the very blatant type - exists 24/7. I'm sure the
      residents of our little slice of CH would be delighted to hear that
      we are strutting and exaggerating when we speak out about this. Many
      have been here for 40-50 years and still have the same complaints and
      don't agree that these are problems of the past - presumably they
      pass your acid test for living here long enough to be allowed to have
      a thought. I do work closely with the people in my neighborhood -
      where we don't exclude based on age or longevity of residence - as
      well as with our local community leaders and police. Like it or not,
      new or old, everyone lives here and despite your rantings have the
      right to an opinion and safe and drug free streets.

      I'm sure the people who have been mugged, attacked or had their
      houses burned down by people smoking drugs, such as our ANC
      commisioner, would be delighted in your reassurance that the dealers,
      addicts and prostitutes are not monsters but quiet business men and
      women and that victims and people living with these problems are all
      simple minded suburbanites who don't have the right to live here - or
      presumably anywhere else. I'm glad that closing your window and
      turning up the AC or music works for you - for the rest of us, we
      would like not to live with the drug activity. Where we are, parking
      or noise from a new Target is less of an issue than closing down the
      crack houses and brothels.

      Your assumption that when people speak about escalating drug problems
      in their neighborhoods implies that it is happening all over CH is as
      absurd as your assumption that if it's gotten better on your street
      it's better everywhere else. Apparently, if it's not an issue for
      you it shouldn't be an issue for anyone else.

      Here's a section of an e-mail sent to me from a 40+ year resident of
      my neighborhood..

      "On a personal note while some residents & (non former residents) in
      our neighborhood think that it is perfectly (normal) alright for
      individuals to sit out & hang out on our streets all day & night to
      conduct drug activity. Almost all the other crime in our neighborhood
      is a result of the drug activity.This includes robbery,
      prostitution,theft from auto to the gunshoots with police the other
      night. I myself have witnessed & reported in the past years to police
      this activity. Persons that live in our blocks or have lived in the
      past dealing in the drug trade with others that commit the criminal
      activity on our blocks. They also bring in other outsiders that have
      not or ever lived here to deal in the drug trade. The
      mothers,grandmothers & other relations to the people have distorted
      minds when it comes to this activity."

      Another exaggerator and struter. Here are some recent clips from the
      crime reports we get. Life is not rosy and you have no right to
      judge or insult others until you know what you're talking about and
      can make more reasonable arguments than the defense of drug dealers.
      Living here for 30 years makes you older than me - it does not
      preclude me or anyone else having an opinion, or voicing it. Believe
      me, I don't think this is a B grade movie - wish it were so I would
      be able to turn it off -

      PSA 404
      DATE 9/6/2004
      TIME 3:00PM
      Assault Deadly Weapon - Other
      CCN# 09124000
      Complaintant reports on the listed date, time & location that she had
      a verbal altercation with suspect. During which time the suspect
      struck the complaintant in the head with a bottle. The suspect was
      then placed under arrest & transported to the Third District for

      PSA 301
      DATE 9/7/2004
      TIME 1:00AM
      Robbery - Gun
      3600 Block 16TH ST NW.
      CCN # 04124188
      Complaintant reports that 2 suspects approached vehicle suspect
      number 2 ran to passenger side door while suspect 1 ran to driver
      side door. Suspect 1 placed a gun to complaintants chest & took
      various property.

      PSA 301
      DATE 9/3/2004
      TIME 3:00PM
      BURGULARY - 2
      3600 Block 16TH ST NW.
      CCN # 04123316
      Complaintant reports that person(s) unknown entered location & stole
      various property.

      PSA 302
      DATE 8/30/2004
      TIME 8:00AM
      Stolen - Auto
      3500 Block 14TH ST NW.
      CCN# 04124137
      Complaintant reports unknown suspect stole vehicle from listed
      location key in owners possession, registration in vehicle.

      PSA 302
      TIME 1:00PM
      Assault With Deadly Weapon -Other
      3600 Block 14TH ST
      CCN# 04131816
      Complaintant reports on listed date & time suspect 1 wanted to visit
      a coworker.
      The complaintant told the suspect he did not want the suspect on the
      property the suspect swung at the complaintant with an unknown object
      hitting complaintant in the right arm suspect 1 the fled the

      PSA 301
      TIME 7:00PM
      BURGULARY-1 Armed
      3600 Block 16TH ST
      CCN# 04131527
      Complaintant reports while attempting to open the door of her
      She was grabbed from behind by suspect 1.
      Suspect 1 pushed the complaintantinside her apartment displayed a
      knife telling the complaintant don't make any noise don't scream I
      wan't all your money. The complaintant complied.

      A few nights ago MPD officers COPE & RODGERS were on routine patrol
      in the alleys of the 3600 Block of 14TH ST NW.
      They encounterd 2 subjects in a huddle when the officers got out of
      the patrol car one male subject fled & the other turned & open fire
      on the officers with a gun. The officers returned gunfire but did not
      strike the suspect the suspect then fled & made good on his escape.
      The 2 officers were not injured some residents have reported hearing
      the gunshots in the area. Others have told me they heard the police
      helicopter flying over with search lights.

      PSA 302
      DATE 9/27/2004
      TIME 2:00AM
      1500 BLOCK OGDEN ST NW
      CCN# 04133956
      Complaintant reports that suspects 1& 2 approached him then displayed
      an unknown cutting instrument. The suspects then demanded property
      the complaintant complied & suspects 1 & 2 fled the scene.

      PSA 302
      TIME 6:00 PM
      Assualt With A Deadly Weapon-Other
      CCN# 04134264
      Complaintant reports that after a verbal altercation with suspect 1
      suspect 1 produced a pair of scissors & assaulted the complaintant
      with them.

      PSA 302
      TIME 8:00 PM
      CCN# 04134785
      Complaintant reports that while in the intersection of the listed
      Suspect 1 approached & displayed a dark colored Semi-Automatic Weapon
      & stated "GIVE ME ALL YOUR MONEY" complaintant stated he had no money
      & showed suspect 1 an empty wallet suspect 1 then fled the scene.

      --- In columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com, "David McIntire"
      <dmcintir@m...> wrote:
      > You can thump, strut and exaggerate all you like but I have
      > lived for over thirty years in this community on one of the hottest
      > corners in Columbia Heights. I have also known many drug dealers
      and users -
      > of the inner city type. Most are not monsters and not stupid, lost
      > they may be. I feel confident in what I say. Life is not a B grade
      movie to
      > thrill those with suburbanite sensibilities.
      > Dave McIntire
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      > From: nightingale1990
      > To: columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 10:58 AM
      > Subject: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army
      > on Harvard St. NW
      > Wow - the drug dealers on your block must be getting sound business
      > advice to make sure their illegal transactions are conducted
      > surreptitiously - never knew addicts were so logical. I must be
      > blowing macho smoke or standing on the same soap box as Ken because
      > the dealers, prostitutes, addicts and other assorted company that
      > conducts "business deals" on my block sure aren't discrete. They
      > scream at each other from accross the street, openly do drugs, throw
      > bottles and strut their stuff during all hours of the day or night.
      > By David's reasoning they must want to go to jail. On the other
      > hand, perhaps they don't have to worry too much because the police
      > don't do anything resembling a patrol (other than 172 hours) and
      > because residents decide that the best policy is to close their
      > windows, turn on their air conditioner and ignore the problem, all
      > the while preaching from their own soapboxes and insulting people
      > point out some realities of Columbia Heights as suburban wimps -
      > about macho smoke. Electric bills must be running high in this
      area -
      > bet Pepco loves it. Meanwhile, some sit behind closed windows
      > creating noise to cover up the realities of what's happening in
      > neighborhoods or slowly start migrating to the backs of their
      > and the dealers become more emboldened and dangerous. Where I live
      > police officers tried to break up one of these "business deals" and
      > the dealers started shooting - you're right, they sure don't want to
      > go to jail. Wake up, this is not part of urban living that
      > suburbanite or newcomers need to toughen up to and learn to live
      > with - the transactions are illegal and dangerous, not a quaint part
      > of city living.
      > Kate
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