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15885Re: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility on Harvard St. NW

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  • Richard Parker
    Oct 1, 2004
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      I've been itching to reply to this post, but I have stayed away because
      as someone who has been living in Columbia heights for just a little
      over 2 and a half years, I feel like I am supposed to sit on the
      sidelines for another 10 years or so until I have earned my stripes.
      If you get a chance this weekend, come on down to the basketball court
      at 14th and Girard around 11 or 12 pm and then come back to this list
      serve talking about how quiet crackheads, whino's, etc.etc. are.
      I agree that the drug dealers tend to probably stay pretty low-key...but
      that's about it...
      This list-serve is great! It keeps me up to date on what is going on in
      the community and DC, and is a great forum for people to voice their
      opinions...on top of that, it provides endless amusement!!!! Thanks to
      the people who spend more than a few minutes every day responding and
      keeping everyone updated. Dave, Elizabeth, Sara, and William - thanks a


      >>> "nightingale1990" <nightingale1990@...> 10/01/04 10:58 AM >>>
      Wow - the drug dealers on your block must be getting sound business
      advice to make sure their illegal transactions are conducted
      surreptitiously - never knew addicts were so logical. I must be
      blowing macho smoke or standing on the same soap box as Ken because
      the dealers, prostitutes, addicts and other assorted company that
      conducts "business deals" on my block sure aren't discrete. They
      scream at each other from accross the street, openly do drugs, throw
      bottles and strut their stuff during all hours of the day or night.
      By David's reasoning they must want to go to jail. On the other
      hand, perhaps they don't have to worry too much because the police
      don't do anything resembling a patrol (other than 172 hours) and
      because residents decide that the best policy is to close their
      windows, turn on their air conditioner and ignore the problem, all
      the while preaching from their own soapboxes and insulting people who
      point out some realities of Columbia Heights as suburban wimps - talk
      about macho smoke. Electric bills must be running high in this area -
      bet Pepco loves it. Meanwhile, some sit behind closed windows
      creating noise to cover up the realities of what's happening in their
      neighborhoods or slowly start migrating to the backs of their houses,
      and the dealers become more emboldened and dangerous. Where I live
      police officers tried to break up one of these "business deals" and
      the dealers started shooting - you're right, they sure don't want to
      go to jail. Wake up, this is not part of urban living that
      suburbanite or newcomers need to toughen up to and learn to live
      with - the transactions are illegal and dangerous, not a quaint part
      of city living.

      --- In columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com, "David McIntire"
      <dmcintir@m...> wrote:
      > Ken,
      > Try thinking for a bit rather than jumping on a soapbox.
      > What is the crack sellers and buyers strategies? A buyer wants to
      get crack
      > and a seller wants to sell it, of course. It is an illegal
      transaction but a
      > business deal nevertherless. NEITHER wants to end up in jail or
      dead if
      > rivals are involved.
      > Being blatant about their activities only increases that risk.
      > surreptitious is in their best interests. A noisy transaction is a
      deal gone
      > bad.
      > You either have the stupidest dealers and buyers in the world or
      you are
      > blowing macho smoke. I vote for the latter.
      > Dave McIntire
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: kmannotes
      > To: columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 9:11 AM
      > Subject: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army
      > on Harvard St. NW
      > Dave,
      > Wow. Did I read that correctly. Let me see if I can follow your
      > logic for a moment.
      > Crackheads = abusers of illegal drugs = individuals seeking winning
      > strategies
      > Unbelievable. This is good. You see, I consider myself someone who
      > seeks winning stratagies. Now I know what I have been doing wrong
      > all these years.
      > I also live on the 1400 block of Oak, and yes the crackheads are
      > extremely loud. To tell the truth I rarely ever see my hardworking,
      > leaving thier homes early, coming home late, do-good neighbors. Ya
      > know why,.... because they are individuals seeking winning
      > strategies.

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