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15884Re: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility on Harvard St. NW

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  • David McIntire
    Oct 1, 2004
      You can thump, strut and exaggerate all you like but I have successfully
      lived for over thirty years in this community on one of the hottest drug
      corners in Columbia Heights. I have also known many drug dealers and users -
      of the inner city type. Most are not monsters and not stupid, lost though
      they may be. I feel confident in what I say. Life is not a B grade movie to
      thrill those with suburbanite sensibilities.

      Dave McIntire

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      From: nightingale1990
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      Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 10:58 AM
      Subject: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility
      on Harvard St. NW

      Wow - the drug dealers on your block must be getting sound business
      advice to make sure their illegal transactions are conducted
      surreptitiously - never knew addicts were so logical. I must be
      blowing macho smoke or standing on the same soap box as Ken because
      the dealers, prostitutes, addicts and other assorted company that
      conducts "business deals" on my block sure aren't discrete. They
      scream at each other from accross the street, openly do drugs, throw
      bottles and strut their stuff during all hours of the day or night.
      By David's reasoning they must want to go to jail. On the other
      hand, perhaps they don't have to worry too much because the police
      don't do anything resembling a patrol (other than 172 hours) and
      because residents decide that the best policy is to close their
      windows, turn on their air conditioner and ignore the problem, all
      the while preaching from their own soapboxes and insulting people who
      point out some realities of Columbia Heights as suburban wimps - talk
      about macho smoke. Electric bills must be running high in this area -
      bet Pepco loves it. Meanwhile, some sit behind closed windows
      creating noise to cover up the realities of what's happening in their
      neighborhoods or slowly start migrating to the backs of their houses,
      and the dealers become more emboldened and dangerous. Where I live
      police officers tried to break up one of these "business deals" and
      the dealers started shooting - you're right, they sure don't want to
      go to jail. Wake up, this is not part of urban living that
      suburbanite or newcomers need to toughen up to and learn to live
      with - the transactions are illegal and dangerous, not a quaint part
      of city living.
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