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15879Re: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility on Harvard St. NW

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  • David McIntire
    Oct 1, 2004

      Try thinking for a bit rather than jumping on a soapbox.

      What is the crack sellers and buyers strategies? A buyer wants to get crack
      and a seller wants to sell it, of course. It is an illegal transaction but a
      business deal nevertherless. NEITHER wants to end up in jail or dead if
      rivals are involved.

      Being blatant about their activities only increases that risk. Being
      surreptitious is in their best interests. A noisy transaction is a deal gone

      You either have the stupidest dealers and buyers in the world or you are
      blowing macho smoke. I vote for the latter.

      Dave McIntire

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      From: kmannotes
      To: columbia_heights@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, October 01, 2004 9:11 AM
      Subject: [columbia_heights] Re: Excessive noise from Salvation Army facility
      on Harvard St. NW

      Wow. Did I read that correctly. Let me see if I can follow your
      logic for a moment.

      Crackheads = abusers of illegal drugs = individuals seeking winning

      Unbelievable. This is good. You see, I consider myself someone who
      seeks winning stratagies. Now I know what I have been doing wrong
      all these years.

      I also live on the 1400 block of Oak, and yes the crackheads are
      extremely loud. To tell the truth I rarely ever see my hardworking,
      leaving thier homes early, coming home late, do-good neighbors. Ya
      know why,.... because they are individuals seeking winning
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