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Re: I'm New to group too

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  • featherbutt2000
    I m new here as well, My name is Audrey, and some of Lara Ambers post is alot like mine was going to be!! (but I ve lived in CO all my life!) I m a big time
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      I'm new here as well,
      My name is Audrey, and some of Lara Ambers post is alot like mine
      was going to be!! (but I've lived in CO all my life!) I'm a big
      time introvert, I Love startrek, extended Family doesn't know I'm
      pagan, (they would freak! Judging before learning as alot of non
      pagans do) and I am at a standstill. I only know one other person
      who is pagan and she is my best friend of 19 years. (I'm 31) We
      are both still just beginning. And the biggest problem I think we
      both have is not knowing anyone else who we can brainstorm and learn
      from. Books can only get you so far, and trust me, I've read a
      TUN!! I've been intrested in wiccan topics ever sence I was a
      kid. But it wasn't untill about ten years ago that I started
      expanding my learning. (as best I could)
      So needless to say, I am hear trying to meet more people intrested
      in the same things I am, and to learn.
      I live in Pueblo, I am married with two children, meny dogs, three
      cats, two birds, and I foster for a local rescue. I love the
      outdoors, camping, being one of my most fav things to do.
      Anyway... I think I've talked your ears off enough for know. Hope
      to get to know you all!

      --- In coloradowiccans@yahoogroups.com, "laraamber1" <laraamber@...>
      > Greetings:
      > Since I'm completely new to this board I'm going to give the
      > version of my life.
      > I'm a wiccan/pagan who's still partially in the closet (co-workers
      > and friends know, parents don't have a clue). I'm in my mid-
      > and have lived in Colorado for 7 years. I'm currently in Thornton
      > and am facing several problems at once and, quite frankly, feel
      > overwelmed.
      > 1. I have very few friends locally, especially pagans.
      > 2. I've pretty much reached a stalemate in my studies.
      > I'd like to make friends with other people in my region, and
      > throughout the state. I will admit I'm an introvert (though a
      > blunt one at times) which doesn't help.
      > On the non-pagan front: I'm completely hooked on Buffy, Star Trek,
      > and anime, and the one thing you can get me out of the house for
      > D&D. (I'm a complete stereotype.)
      > -LaraAmber
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