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October 2004 Astro Forecast

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  • Robyn
    October 2004 Forecast The month of October starts with very rare major planetary pattern known as a grand quintile aspect in the sky. This fifth harmonic
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      October 2004 Forecast

      The month of October starts with very rare major planetary pattern
      known as a grand quintile aspect in the sky. This fifth harmonic
      aspect is seen in astrology as a spiritual alignment made up of a
      series of quintile and bi-quintile aspects that form a pentacle.
      This magical pattern will repeat on October 28 on the day of the
      lunar eclipse across the Taurus/Scorpio access. Part of this
      alignment is a Golden yod aspect between Uranus, Saturn and
      Jupiter. The astrological community is a buzz with what this
      means. For most I believe it is a rare opportunity to tap into the
      spiritual realms, awaken psychic energy, and clear karma. Saturn
      and Jupiter are involved allowing a chance for spiritual awakening
      and openness. The veils between worlds and realities are
      traditionally thin this time of year but they are opening eve more
      than usual during this time. You may catch glimpses of things you
      never noticed before. This is an opening to the hidden mysteries
      of life just remember that the point is to be aware and awakened and
      as this process unfolds the world may actually seem a little more
      mysterious then before.

      I find it interesting that this Harmonic concordance (as it is
      called by one astrologer) is happening as a movie about science and
      metaphysics is gaining momentum around the country. What The Bleep
      Do we Know, if you haven't seen it, is very much about the mysteries
      of the Universe and the blurred lines between quantum physics and
      mysticism. If we can really get a grasp on the idea that are
      thoughts are really in essence who we are, we can change the world.
      This rare aspect allows for that kind of understanding on a deep
      level. Look for the answers in your own spiritual path and pay
      close attention to what it is saying at this time.

      Along with all the spiritual harmonics this month, we start the
      month with Jupiter just having moved into Libra where it will remain
      for the next year. As Jupiter moved into Libra it formed a strong
      stellium conjunction with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. Libra is
      about relationships romantic, friendship, and business though
      usually Libra is most interested in the romantic side of
      relationship. With Jupiter's expansive energy in Libra,
      relationships will be on the mind of many. All the added energy of
      the stellium this month will put some in an almost compulsive mood
      about their relationships. It becomes important to look at the
      bigger picture where our relationships are concerned, both romantic
      and business. Jupiter is an expansive energy and we may even expand
      our definitions of what relationships mean to us and how they fit in
      our life.

      The energy in Libra also brings the ideas of law and justice to the
      forefront, creating an interesting climate as we go into the US
      Presidential election. The symbol of Libra is the scales of
      justice. An awareness of injustice can open up at this time.
      People begin to see challenges with the laws and how they are
      upheld. This could easily affect us globally and nationally as more
      people become aware of our leaders making decisions they claim to be
      justified but upon close scrutiny are not. This call for justice,
      balance, and harmony may not sit well with the powers that be and
      the fall out may wake people up collectively.

      The month comes to a close with another grand-quintile aspect and a
      lunar eclipse. The eclipse is across the Taurus/Scorpio axis
      bringing issues of transformation, regeneration, and physical
      renewal. Pay close attention to the energy of the eclipse cycle
      which is beginnings and endings. The full moon in Taurus being
      eclipsed can cause us to collapse into the physical and negate other
      aspects of who we are. The opposition to the sun in Scorpio brings
      and intensity that can help us to move the Taurean energy in a
      positive direction. This will be especially important for anyone
      with planets directly affected by the eclipse.

      Always the sky is changing and the energies of the planets moving.
      Open your mind and your heart to the extraordinary possibilities
      life offers us this month. Issues of love, justice,
      transformations, regeneration, and spirit abound this month. Open
      to the fifth harmonics where all things are possible and see where
      life may lead you.


      October 1 - Grand-quintile involving the Moon in Taurus, Saturn in
      Cancer, Mercury/Mars/Sun/Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Sagittarius, and
      Uranus in Pisces.

      October 13 – New Moon in Libra

      October 28 – Full Moon in Taurus, Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, and Grand
      Quintile aspect.

      All month a Golden Yod between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter

      For an in depth look at how these planetary influences effect you
      personally contact Robyn for a full natal chart reading including
      current Transits. 303-548-8165. Reading can be done in person as
      well as on the phone.
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