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Auditions Wed & Thurs, Longmont

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  • Mister Tim
    Hey there, great singers, There s been great response to the audition notice, but times are still available - please call or email to reserve a time. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2007
      Hey there, great singers,

      There's been great response to the audition notice, but times are
      still available - please call or email to reserve a time.

      I'm especially interested in meeting singers with past group
      experience, or those currently in groups - no, I'm not going to steal
      you away, but there are prospects of many shapes and sizes, some in
      addition to the listed ensembles, and it will be good for you to be in
      the pool of talent.



      All voice types, including vocal percussion, required. Auditions in
      Longmont, rehearsals will be in Longmont or Boulder depending on
      casting results.

      Auditions Wednesday Jan 10 or Thursday Jan 11 7-9 pm
      Longmont Free University
      505 Main St. Longmont
      for info call (720) 365-3080 or email tim@...
      Please prepare 2 songs of contrasting style, to be sung a cappella

      Auditioning for the following groups:

      Plumbers of Rome - satirical, experimental vocal trio. Seeking one
      tenor. Not very theatrical - more focusing on the music.

      Vocality - eclectic world/experimental/ambient vocal music. Casting
      all voice parts. Singers should be comfortable singing a wide variety
      of styles, and experimenting with non-traditional vocal production.
      Interesting skills, such as non-western vocalizing, skilled world-beat
      vocal percussion, other non-traditional noises are a plus. Primarily
      musical, not theatrical, group.

      Idol Time - American Idol spoof. Three Diva singers needed to render
      hits of present and past, all a cappella. Audiences will interact,
      judge, and vote for winners. Auditions open to all voice parts. Cast
      members will help develop their character and the exact script in
      rehearsals. Must be a song solo singer and be skilled at singing

      KingFour - loving but tongue-in-cheek a cappella tribute to Elvis.
      Four men singing a cappella covers of Elvis. Diverse ethnicity
      encouraged. Elvis impersonation skills not required.

      Placental Armageddon - all-vocal hardcore metal band. 3 'lead'
      vocalists who will also cover the guitar parts (must be FACE MELTING),
      1 bass, one percussionist, and one vocal cymbal player (to cover
      hihats and cymbals). Knowledge of metal music a plus. This group
      will use effects pedals, octavizer, and extreme tech to create a
      loud, truly rocking sound. MUST be vocally sound and have mad
      solo/guitar riff skills. Or be willing to learn them. Singers will be
      in costume and be expected to adopt an extreme character for the
      duration of the show.

      Unnamed contemporary a cappella group - to perform at corporate and private
      functions. Casting all voice parts. Must be comfortable singing a
      wide, wide variety of styles, as this group will have 5-8 'sets' of
      different kinds of music for different events, including doo-wop,
      non-doo-wop oldies, contemporary (possibly several contemporary sets),
      classical, and others. You should also be able to learn music quickly
      as needs arise. Arranging skills a plus as there will be a lot of
      music needed in a short amount of time.
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